So you’re ready to commence the HCG weight loss program to at last say good-bye to that excess weight for all time. Now the next step is to put together an HCG menu that you can live with while taking the HCG oral drops, pills, or injections.

The diet plan put together by Dr Simeons for permanent and quick weight reduction while taking the HCG hormone is very strict. You can only consume 500 calories daily. You must maintain strict adherence to the dietary protocol in order to succeed. The priority at this stage is to map out you menu for the duration that you take the HCG hormone.

There are restrictions in the HCG menu

With a positive outlook and always keeping in mind your goal of a new you, your desired weight should be within your grasp With persistence, perseverance and determination this plan will work for you Keep reminding yourself that the main portion of this diet is only 21 days and after that you will be able to enjoy the results forever as you have succeed in losing weight.

There is a lot of help to be had on the internet and many sites that have information to help you to come up with your HCG menu plan. The guides and websites will also be able to help answer any questions or doubts you have on the HCG weight loss program. Make sure to take full advantage of the websites online as they are a great way to help you know more about the HCG menu plan.

The HCG diet starts out with a very high fat component. For the first three days eat the highest fat foods possible. Desserts and sauces, high fat fruits such as avocados are very good. Such foods as cream sauces, avocadoes and desserts that have a high content of fats. The first phase is the most enjoyable. The reason for this phase is that it sets up your metabolic rate for the next phase.

The HCG Hormone

Now in this next step you start taking the HCG hormone. There are three choices, Oral drops, injections, or pills. Be prepared during this phase to drastically diminish your consumption of certain foods from certain food groupings.

For instance, 3 egg whites, either poached, raw or boiled as well as a whole egg may be part of the HCG breakfast. Coffee is allowed or tea, but no sugar, and one tablespoon of milk only.. For lunch you may select chicken breast, white fish, crab, lobster or beef and veal. But only 100 grams are allowed. Vegetarians can use instead of meat skimmed milk or cottage cheese.

Also it is recommended that you consume the vegetables in each meal with that particular meal and not combine those vegetables with others. In order to have a successful HCG menu you need to have variety. This will help lead to a to a victorious conclusion with the HCG diet plan.

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