There is a false belief  that yeast infection (Candidiasis) only affects women. This is far from the truth as it is found in both men and women, even in babies. Neither is yeast infection limited to vaginas because it could be found in any part of the body, especially armpits, toes and around men’s scrotums.

Yeasts are one of the essential organisms in the human body. Increment of these organisms causes the acidity level in the vagina to increase. This abnormality in acidic level is the primary cause of yeast infection, probably as a result of medication like birth control, menstruation period, pregnancy, diabetes, antibiotics, a low level immune system in the body or a mere change in diet.

YEAST INFECTION SYMPTOMS: Itching in the vaginal or around men’s scrotum is one of the first symptoms noticed by an infected person. Yielding to the temptation of scratching the private part eventually might lead to swelling, burning or peeling around the testicle or vagina. In women there might be discharge with fish odor or at worst smelling like yeast itself. While yeast infection in men does not come with nasty odor discharge, they might experience pains and burning irritation when urinating. Women on the other hand might experience pain during and after intercourse.

Yeast Infection No More

DIAGNOSIS: Although there are a number of home treatments of yeast infection, the best move is to make sure that you are properly diagnosed. This is because there are other infections that have similar symptoms. One of them is Bacterial Vaginosis – a condition resulting from imbalance of the beneficial and harmful bacteria. If you are also sexually active with more than one partner, it might be another infection. Also itching accompanied by headache, fever, vomiting, back pain, might be appendicitis or other problems that need to be examined and properly diagnosed by your physician.


There are immediate actions you can take that might totally cure yeast infection. First, avoid wearing tight undergarment for a long period of time as this might accumulate excessive yeast in that area. This is true both for men and women. Using loose fitting undergarments that allow freedom and air might limit the itching and finally eliminate the infection. As a rule, avoid deodorants and sprays that might irritate the skin. Getting out of wet clothes fast and drying yourself before changing will also help the affected area.

Treatment Using Yogurt: Inserting a tampon soaked with yogurt into the vagina two times a day is one of the best home remedies and treatments especially for Candida yeast infection. Yogurt should also be included in your diet during and after the symptoms. Yogurt should only be used after proper diagnosis so as not to worsen situations in case it is a bacterial infection mistaken for yeast infection.

Home Treatment Using Tea Tree Oil: Dilute Tea Tree Oil with olive or almond oil and insert it in the vagina using tampon. It’s anti fungal properties will reduce itching and control the spread of the yeast infection. This is also effective for treating male yeast infection. Just apply the oil on the surface.

Home Remedy with Garlic: Applying ground garlic mixed with Vitamin E or coconut oil has been regarded as one of the wonders that treat yeast infection. Both Garlic and Vitamin E treats the infection and fortifies the skin. This should be used in other parts of the body other than vagina.

While this might not be an exhaustive list of home treatments of yeast infection, it is a starting point. Initial stage of yeast infection has been cured on many occasions using these home remedies. It should be emphasized, once more, that diagnosis is first necessary before treatment of any kind to commence.

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