The search for better and more effective treatments in medicine is endless. Using acupuncture as a therapy, or in conjunction with other treatments has the possibility of leading to real breakthroughs. For example: Treating with medication arthritis sufferers has proven to be effective in many cases. However, some of these drugs have side-effects and adding acupuncture to the protocol can lead to a reduction in the prescription medication. or it can lead to improvements in the patients comfort. Either way, considering the track record of acupuncture in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, it becomes extremely difficult to dismiss acupuncture treatments out of hand.

Many regard the United States as having the best Medical System in the entire world. The techniques and technology wielded by the doctors and nurses are impressive and procedures that once were thought to be impossible are now routine.

Acupuncture Therapy

Cultural Insularity
The United States, though influenced in many areas by immigrants, has maintained a considerable cultural insularity and isolationist attitude to so-called outside influences and foreign ways of doing things. The United States, in part because of this has been slow to embrace acupuncture as an effective treatment than many other countries. Many, many lives have been saved because of acupuncture.

Remedies Review

Mortality Rate Is Lowered by Acupuncture                                                                                                                                    The evidence from China is overwhelmingly in favor of acupuncture. Many thousands of people are treated every day in that country and many thousands have their lives saved. But more and more acupuncture is entering the mainstream in America. There is a health care revolution going on in the United States today; and you can be part of it. There is an opportunity for you and for all to widen the medical horizon and see for yourself what acupuncture can do for you.

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