What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo, a skin disorder causing patches of white skin to appear on different parts of the body, affects all races and both genders equally. Worldwide, around 100 million people suffer from this condition.

What Causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo on the feetWhen the cells responsible for the skin’s color (the melanocytes) are destroyed, the appearance of white patches occurs in different places on the skin. There may be several issues that may cause these cells to be destroyed and sometimes the exact cause is unknown. It is believed that this condition may be an autoimmune disease, thus the immune system starts to attack the melanocytes. It can also take place because of a disorder in the melanocytes themselves. Some researchers believe sunburn and chronic stress and lead to vitiligo.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

White patches on the skin are the main symptoms. These patches can spread and become larger over time. Some people report very quick spreading while others spread slowly over several years – the rate of spreading  varies. These patches are found typically on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun like the hands, feet and face. They are also commonly found around the navel area, in the armpits, groin and the nose. People with vitiligo often experience early gray hair.

Vitiligo Treatment

Treatment relies on the degree of the condition and also if patient can meet the expense of some treatments as some can be very costly. In some cases even the best treatments don’t always work and may cause side effects.

One of the first treatments suggested is the use of steroids. These pharmaceutical treatments are only used as a quick fix and many cases result in low success rates and side effects. Another treatment uses ultraviolet light together with medications. These treatments can be very expensive with weekly visits to a specialized clinic for weeks or months.

Quick Treatment Tips

  • Avoid mental stress and strain, believed to be one of the primary reasons of vitiligo
  • Avoid a combination of fish and milk, believed to be one of the reasons for vitiligo
  • Avoid Excess use of spices as it has a bad effect on the skin
  • Avoid drinking artificial colored drinks
  • Consume fruits like blueberries, banana, mangoes, apricots and papaya
  • Avoid citrus fruits
  • Whole grain food and breads help during treatment
  • Avoid Processed grains
  • Avoid Brinjal, red sorrel and parsley
  • Carrots, tomatoes, Cucumbers, potatoes, spinach, broccoli and celery root help restore pigmentation

In the ‘80’s medical researchers had found that they healed people with vitiligo by using a combination of herbal extracts and heavy doses of vitamins. Several such reports were also published in the ‘90’s by Swedish doctors after successfully treating patients with vitiligo in less than 4 weeks using only vitamin supplements. A lot of this research is not widely known and some doctors might not mention it since there’s more money in the pharmaceutical treatment methods. Few are willing to make public that vitiligo can certainly be treated safely, naturally and affordably in a matter of a few weeks.

Watch the video below:

Michael Dawson, a UK-based researcher and certified nutritionist who is doing a lot of work to make this information available to the general public, has created “Natural Vitiligo Treatment System™”, a detailed guide to healing vitiligo holistically with a combination of all the research done on vitiligo along with his own research and self-experimentation.

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