For a long time now , acupuncture has been used in combination along with other alternative therapy to treat a variety of diseases and disorders. Acupuncture provides its own benefits, but when combined with a complemtary teatment the effects can be very surprising. While there is controversy about the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy, a majority of the people m that have tried it are satisfied with the results. One thing that many people may never have thought about, is that acupuncture can be just as effective in animals as it is in humans. In many cases pet owners love their animals and can be more concerned about them, than they are about themselves. Yes, acupuncture is well worth considering if your looking to treat a health condition in one of your pets.

Does Acupuncture Work on Pets?

It has been noted thatthe people who suspect the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy in humans are probably the same people who claim that acupuncture therapy does not work on pets. In comparison to these people, there are some others who state that acupuncture therapy works only for humans and they claim that acupuncture doesn’t work for animals. There is no evidence of this from the scientific community and there are no studies that show acupuncture to be ineffective or dangerous to pets.

Is Acupuncture Practiced on Pets?

Critics of acupuncture don’t belief that the process should be used on pets Many certified acupuncture therapists practice on their dogs, cats, and other animals. Other certified acupuncturist believe that animals should not be treated. That it is only effective on humans.
This might have to do with the fact that they are unfamilar with the chi, or energy points that anmails have, just as humans do. Some claim that the pressure points in an animal are non-existent, or non-accessible. But it has been proven satisfactorly to most, that cats and dog also have chi points or energy sources analogous to humans. And there is no doubt that pain is suffered in cats and dogs, as well as people. Forensic science tells us also that we are put together in a very similar way to our animal friends. In general, there are some cases where pet animals including cats and dogs have been benefited from the acupuncture therapy; the reason for this could be one: that dogs and cats can’t speak to us to let us know that they are feeling better. And two: The number of case studies have not been large. But acupuncture is certainly worth attempting.

To be fair, there is an enormous difference between treating cats ad dogs and humans. In animals there is no placebo effect. So if you are in doubt, you might consider using your pet first as a test case before you use it on yourself!


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