Toothache is the pain that occurs in the gums and teeth themselves. The pains could be mild or severe, reacting negatively to both cold and hot drink. Whether mild or severe depends on the underlying cause as there is always one before the toothache starts. When the ache is severe, it means either that person had suffered some blows to the mouth or there is a decay or bacterial infection. No matter the mildness of toothache, it is quite uncomfortable. Here we will discuss some home remedies and natural treatments that will at least minimize if not totally cure the toothache.


Before we go into home remedies for toothache, let us discuss some causes.
toothacheBLOW OR ACCIDENT: If the sufferer of toothache has recently had an accident and there was a blow to the mouth, this might be the cause of the ache. It might not start immediately after the blow or at first it could be minor but accelerate after a few days or hours. In that case, even though minor toothache relief could be achieved with some home remedies, it is advisable to see a dentist for further diagnosis and treatment.
BACTERIAL OR INTERNAL INJURY: Toothache might also be a result of tooth decay, bacterial infections, unfilled cavity or hole in the gums as a result of dental treatment mistakes. Pricking the gums indiscriminately with tooth-picks might also bore holes in the gums. Not brushing the teeth well or using ineffective tooth pastes might also lead to tooth decay and bacterial infections as well. Other agents like alcohol, soda and too much sugary food are enemies to the teeth and gum. In other words, bad hygiene is the major cause of chronic toothache.

Remedies Review


There are some easily available herbal remedies for toothache. These provide temporarily relief of the pain or may even permanently cure it. We shall discuss the herbs and their uses here.
Simply rinsing the mouth with strong alcohol like gin or whisky and making it stay in the mouth for several minutes (like what you do when rinsing your mouth after brushing) will penetrate any hole in the gum and kill the bacteria.
ONION: Grinding common onion and putting it in the affected pain region will, apart from relieving the pain, kill the bacteria.
BAYBERRY:  The same thing goes with Bayberry grinded and mixed with ginger or made into a paste with vinegar. However, we do not know whether Bayberry kills the bacteria as well, but we know it relieves the pain.
SALT WATER : Have you ever wondered why lots of people swim in the ocean or sea and no one has ever contacted a germ? The reason is the saltiness of the sea and ocean water. No bacteria can survive with salt. So this could be adapted for toothache by simply gargling some quantity of water mixed with salt. It will at least disturb the bacteria if not completely kill them. Since this is commonly available, the treatment could be repeated as often as possible until permanent treatment is done.
ICE CUBE: A pressure point remedy is rubbing an ice cube at the point where the thumb and index finger meet for 5 t0 8 minutes.
LEMON: The acidic taste of lemon juice sends shock and temporary restriction to the bacteria infecting the gums and can provide immediate relief. Let the lemon juice linger around the sore tooth.
TEA BAG: Many have reported getting relief from toothache pain by simply pressing their teeth on tea bag. Doing this every three hours gives relief and may allow the sufferer to fall asleep, a case that is always difficult during a severe toothache pain period.
CLOVE OIL: Applying liquid clove oil on the area where the pain is may also be as effective. Also, Oil of Oregano can be as effective.

While all the above remedies serve as first aid for toothache, prevention is always better than the cure. So we shall discuss some good hygiene habits that can prevent toothache.
teethBRUSHING YOUR TEETH AND CLEANING YOUR TONGUE: Almost everybody brushes their teeth, whether well or not is not the case here. At least every average person does that ritual every morning. But what most miss is cleaning of the tongue itself. The tongue is what tastes the food first and the residuals remain long after the food is eaten. As the tongue makes contact with the teeth most often, it deposits some particles on them. Therefore, clean the tongue, either gently with the brush itself or using a provision that comes with most toothbrushes nowadays found directly behind the brush itself.
FOOD THAT HELPS THE TEETH: Food rich in vitamin B and C is good for the teeth. Fruits like orange will give vitamin C, while cereals will supply vitamin B. Eating fish and lean meat alternatively aids zinc in the body, a friend of the teeth and gums. Any toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride is almost a waste as fluoride kills and prevents bacteria.

We should take note however that while all these treatments help, personal hygiene matters most. In case you are on medication or if the toothache pain is becoming abnormal, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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