A vegetarian diet or a vegan diet can be a healthy choice. This dietetic lifestyle has been the main reason a lot of people have been able to cure acne, bad breath, asthma, general lethargy and other ailments.The benefits of a vegetarian diet have led a lot of people into making this dietary choice. If you are interested in such a dietetic lifestyle, read this article that touches on the popular items usually consumed by non-vegetarians and the reasons why these substances need to be eliminated or drastically reduced from the human diet.

The Vegetarian Diet: Products to Avoid and Why

Meat:Giving up all flesh foods may be highly beneficial to the health seeker. Fruits and raw vegetables contain ascorbic properties that avert various diseases. Meat, however, may be affected by such dreaded diseases as intestinal worms, heart disease and colon cancer .Many medical doctors forbid their patients to eat meat to alleviate gout rheumatism. Some doctors advise asthmatics to abstain from ALL animal products and processed foods. This restraint has helped many an asthmatic to give up ventolin. Meats are in a decomposing state, producing a host of poisons, uric acid and mucus in the body.They are highly unbalanced, containing a great excess of protein while almost completely lacking in calcium and growth supporting vitamins and minerals. Experiments reported in the journal of Physiology and Pathology show that decomposed meat contains many toxic substances, some of which cause a rise in blood pressure. This is why physicians forbid it to patients suffering from high blood pressure.If you must eat meat or flesh, do eat only one kind a day in very small quantities and spaced very far between like once or twice a week and eat with plenty of green leaves and starch-less vegetables.Milk:The milk of any animal is essentially too rich for humans. It is highly acidic and mucus forming. The fact that man needs to drink the milk of another creature after it has been weaned of his own mother is actually untrue and propaganda glorified by its endorsers for profit.Being a predigested food, it has been shown to cause various problems in the stomach and colon such as cramps and convulsions. Its calcium is very difficult to assimilate. This results in its introduction in free form into the blood stream and an eventual its deposit in the tissues, cells and joints where it may cause intense pain and suffering. Milk is loaded with antibiotics, bacteria, pesticides, cholesterol and powerful growth hormones that are deeply disconcerting to the human body.Part of the hype, drinking milk will prevent osteoporosis. In 1995, the Harvard Nurses Health Study conducted on over 75, 000 women revealed that those allegedly acquiring calcium from milk had experienced more fractures compared to those drinking little or no milk.Animal milk is for the animal’s offspring. Therefore, it is advisable to eliminate milk and all dairy from the diet for optimal health.Some research says raw goat’s milk could be sufficient for nursing mothers to feed their babies, but simply the milk in the mothers mammary glands should be the most ideal. strategisch communicatieadvies . If for whatever reasons a mother cannot give milk, alternatives are soy, rice and almond milk. Read more hereFor the creaminess it might offer, basic Avocadoes or occasional Coconut milk as made by the Brazilians would be better choices.Soy milk is not much better than milk as they are basically legumes which are unbalanced protein-rich foods.Honey:This overpriced product being sold to gullible health nuts should be eliminated from your diet. It is meant only for the bees that make it. It is predigested and enters the bloodstream rapidly, raising the blood sugar way above normal. The pancreas must then produce more insulin to correct this. Swap honey with genuine maple syrup for a much more balanced and safer sweetener.Eggs:Worse than meats. Research has shown they are very constipating and the white is dangerous, acid forming and too high in protein qualities.Fish:Although for the reasons given above, meat is highly detrimental for consumption, fish is even worse. It putrefies much quicker than meat. Cut a piece of fish and meat side by side and notice that the fish decays much quicker than the meat. Imagine what its like on the inside of the body. Also, take into consideration the heavy metal contamination that fish contains based on the pollution of their habitat.This is coming from a vegetarians perspective and there is a wealth of pros and cons out there on the internet. Some non-vegetarians show strong, bodily vigor but do they possess the vegetarians endurance and strength? Bill Pearl, five-time winner of the Mr. Universe pageant, became The Vegetarian Bodybuilder at age 39. Even our distant cousins, the Apes, are vegetarians. After reading these factors, if you are still undecided on how safe and healthy being a vegetarian can be for your health, or if you need to be convinced of its benefits, research the subject some more. You may discover that becoming a well balanced vegetarian is definitely the biggest step youll be taking towards improving your health.