There are many that have their doubts about the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture. Many people are hopeful that acupuncture works, but since acceptance by the mainstream has been somewhat grudging at best, many refrain from wholly accepting the treatment. In China it is a different story; acupuncture is accepted as a matter of course in just about everything There are certain risks to every medical treatment and acupuncture is no exception. It’s safety and efficacy has been proven in China for millennia now, but still there are definite precautions to be taken.

Precaution #1: Avoiding Needle Cross-Contaminations

Mistakes happen, and accidents occur in ever field of human endeavor. In medicine there are literally hundreds of thousands of them occurring every year. And yes, they do happen in the practice of acupuncture therapy as well. flat pack kitchen cabinets . There can be accidental sharing of needles. Needles these days are disposable, and one way to be absolutely sure is to watch the practitioner unwrap the new needles from their sealed wrapping and also to make sure there are no old needles in sight. When accidents do happen, they are usually not by design. Make sure that your acupuncturists is professional and careful. And keep your eyes open, which is always good advice. The time when most accidents occur is the time immediately after an acupuncture treatment and the start of another one. Not all of the needles may get thrown away for one reason or another and then they may be accidentally re-used on the next person. Of course, everyone should know that this is very dangerous and should never be done, but it is just one of the many risks associated with acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture Precaution #2: Excessive Jabbing or Pricking

It should not be painful when an acupuncture session is in progress. If you start to feel like a painful pin cushion, then you are being excessively jabbed and pricked. A qualified acupuncturist should have a light touch. As a group acupuncture professionals have a very good track record for safety. But accidents can happen .needless to say the needles are sharp, and must be positioned very exactly and correctly on the patient. The patient should use due diligence and research and have confidence in the acupuncturist before reclining on the table. This is one concern. There are others as well.

Acupuncture Precaution #3: Who is Treating You?

The most important safety consideration does not really involve the treatment itself. It involves more specifically, who is doing the treating. Deception is the order of the day more and more in these United States, False pretences and claims of competence are everywhere. There are people that claim to be acupuncturists, but actually know little to nothing about the treatment. If you have any doubts, be sure to check out any claims of certification. For the most part, prospective clients do not take the time or trouble to verify claimsThese are things to be on the watch for. With a little care you should have a very safe and, as well, a very effective therapy with acupuncture Remember, in every barrel of apples there is the possibility of a rotten one.