Chlorella and Spirulina can transform your health and life no matter your beliefs about life and your health. All natural home remedies for preventative maintenance and disease have been around for centuries and even today, never cease to amaze. Chlorella and Spirulina are both considered ” superfoods ” and are far more than just the average supplement you sometimes hear about. These superfoods help prevent disease and have been found to even reverse cancer, diabetes, nerve damage, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease and even depression ! Chlorella and Spirulina are superfoods and all natural at home remedies that contain more than twelve times digestible protein found in beef. These superfoods have been known to kill breast cancer tumors and other cancer tumors because of it’s known blue pigment that is only found in Spirulina. These two superfoods contain nutrients that many are lacking today that prevent and/or reverse cardiovascular health problems and osteoporosis. Chlorella in itself contains more calcium than found in milk including magnesium which is insufficient in our milk and milk products. Both Chlorella and Spirulina supports healthy brain function that increases mental capacity, regulates blood sugar and reduces cravings for the carbohydrates that so many are actually addicted to. Astounding facts have also shown that these superfoods remove heavy metals from our bodies including lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. Specific ingredients in both Chlorella and Spirulina, known as ” superfoods ” also help repair DNA damage in our bodies while boosting the immune system and even reversing cancer in the process.These superfoods, in studies, have shown they can protect you from environmental toxins that are avoidable to us in our every day lives. These toxins have invaded our food and water supply. Chlorella and Spirulina can protect you from these PCB’s and pesticides.These two superfoods are so powerful that chlorella alone is being used as a recovery for patients with Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. By rebuilding nerve damage in the nervous system and the brain, these all natural superfoods are healing all walks of life with many different ailments that have plagued them.So, where do these superfoods come from? Clorella and spirulina are both plants, microscopic at that, that grow in fresh water. Actually called micro-algae, they are the earliest forms of our world that appeared even long before animals. For billions of years these superfoods have been the miracle to our health. These superfoods contain essential vitamins and minerals needed in our bodies to protect itself against disease. Chlorella and spirulina contain all the B vitamins, Vitamin E and C. Macrominerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and more along with trace minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids including GLA. Beta Carotene, Nucleic acids ( DNA and RNA ) and Chlorophyll.The average 150 pound adult should consume ( or adjust this to your body weight ) in these doses of chlorella and spirulina:SpirulinaFor Disease-fighting : 20 grams daily.For everyday maintenance dose : 10 grams dailyThe Athlete should consume as much as 60 grams dailyThere is no limit to how much you can eat and you cannot ” overdose “. If you eat too much you will get ” full “.Chlorella :For Disease-fighting : 10 grams daily.For everyday maintenance dose : 5 grams dailyThere is no limit to how much you can eat and you cannot ” overdose “. However, it is strongly urged that you introduce clorella gradually into your diet as it can result in mild diarrhea in some people. Over time your body will adapt and you can begin to take more chlorella.The cost of spirulina and chlorella is only a few dollars a week. For this, you experience greater mental clarity, a longer life span, better health, prevention of diseases and, as described above, in many cases even reversal of major diseases like cancer. These benefits alone will outweigh the few dollars a week it costs to maintain a healthy lifestyle with these superfoods.

Perfect Aquatic Greens are the perfect combination of 100% pure, Organic and Fair-Trade Certified Spirulina and Chlorella, two highlynutritious microscopic, freshwater, algae. Both of these super-food plants have been widely used to supplement diets for centuries. richard maize . To make the nutrientsin Chlorella more digestable, Perfect Aquatic Greens contains “Broken Cell Wall” Chlorella.Learn moreand buy this product at Perfect Supplements.

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