The Human Body is a complex mechanism. A mass of tissues, fibers, holes and cavities that might seem insignificant but play a very important part in the overall functioning of the system. Any of them not functioning well makes our life miserable. Some of these invisible agents are the sinuses. Sinuses simply mean holes, cavities. They are many and in various sizes and shapes found all over the body. Our primary concerns in this article are about the ones situated at the nasal cavity; that is the whole shape of the nose (from the two nobs up to the nose pipe in between the eyes.) They are the quality controller of the air we breathe in. The control is necessary because we inhale quite a lot of dangerous bacteria among other things. They do the purification by moistening, warming and generally purifying the air before it enters the lung.
Simply put, the non-purified air entering the lung is a gradual fatal poison. Mucus produced by the sinuses trap the bacteria, helped also by the nasal hairs (cilia). If anything inhibits the pores of the sinuses like cold air, the mucus will become hardened and then bacteria will begin a breeding spree. This can lead to a build-up of pressure and make the nose heavier. The lack of free air flow makes the head giddy. This can lead to coughing, lack of appetite and a constant headache. Sinus infection has set in!
Below are some quick home remedies that you can apply to cure your sinus infection:
(a)   Steam Yourself Up: You have to know that one of the primary reasons why sinus infection comes in is a result of cold or not getting enough warmth. So the basic thing to do is to steam up. This could be done by simply boiling water and putting it in a bucket or hot water bowl. Position yourself near the bucket or bowl and place your nose above the steam with a thick blanket covering your head. If you can sustain it, add a little menthol into the water. If the steam is too much, occasionally move your face farther from the steam to cool down and then go back again. Try to inhale the menthol vapor. Alternatively, a very hot shower twice a day will help fight the sinus infection.
(b)   Check the Humidity of Your Home: As mentioned above, cold and insufficient humidity are two of the primary causes of sinus infection. If you are constantly feeling cold in your house, maybe it is time to check the walls around. Is there any peeling of the walls? If there are, some pipes might be leaking thereby dripping water into the wall. Or it could be that the house is too old and not insulated properly. Simply fixing the wall or moving might be the permanent cure to your infection.
(c)   Some Quick Treatment of Your Nostrils: The first thing that comes to mind is rubbing your nose regularly, especially the pipe in between the two eyes down to the nubs. This keeps the nose warm and rush of fresh blood which is what the sinuses want. Also bathing your nostrils with warm water mixed with 1 teaspoonful of salt and baking soda will flush out the stagnant mucus in the nose. The best way to do it is by inhaling the solution into one side of the nostril while the other is closed, then blow it out tenderly. Do likewise to the other nostril.  Blow regularly, but moderately, one nostril at a time, blocking the other with your thumb to avoid the bacteria running into the sinuses. This is more commonly known as nasal irrigation and you can read more about that here>>
(d)   Minor Exercises that Helps: There are some minor, easy exercises that help in treating sinus infections. Walking is highly recommended. Also doing indoor cycling releases adrenalin which is good for the blood vessels and overall reduction of the swollen sinuses. 
A popular home remedy for preventing sinus infections is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. When apple cider vinegar is taken at the first sign of cold or flu it greatly helps in stopping the histamine response. Put about 1/8 or ¼ cup of the vinegar in 16 ounces of water and take short sips throughout the day. For an existing sinus infection, try this for several days.

For more information on Sinusitis (sinus infection), follow this link to the US National Library of Medicine  

Above all, the most important thing to permanently fight sinus infection is healthy living: Moderation in alcohol consumption, having enough rest, hygienic living and a complete nutritional diet. 

Stop your sinus misery permanently using an all natural, gentle home remedy that clears your sinuses, allows you to breath and gets rid of your sore throat and sinus headache for good!

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