Scabies is a skin infection caused by a parasitic mite called the Sarcoptesscabiei. The infection can be transferred easily by skin-to-skin contacted, and those infected must seek treatment immediately. Furthermore, the treatment of bedding and clothing that has come in contact with scabies must be done.

There is no over-the-counter medicine that will cure scabies. Home remedies can relieve itch and burning but the mite will not even succumb to lice medication. There are non-medication treatments for signs and symptoms but should be used after you seek the help of a physician. Not doing so can mask the scabies infestations. The Scabies Mite can not be seen with the naked eye, it can only be viewed with a microscope. Natural treatments can still be very helpful.

Oral antihistamines can be used to block your body’s inflammation response, thus relieving any itching or burning caused by scabies. This over-the-counter medication will not interfere with the physician’s diagnosis. Corticosteroid cream is a topical steroid, such as hydrocortisone, will help with the itching and irritation. Although, this should not be used until you meet with your doctor, because the cream will discolor and change the appearance of the infection.

If you prefer to avoid the prescription insecticides such as pyrethrum, Lindane, and Malathion there is the Tea Tree Oil Treatment. It involves two warm baths per day, at least 20 minutes each. Twenty drops of tea tree oil should be sufficient. Especially if you are in ill health or have a history of cancer, it could be advisable. The insecticides used to treat scabies are very harsh and toxic and they have other health issues.. Oh, and be sure and wash in hot water your bedding and clothes and the whole family most likely will need to be treated. The natural cures for scabies, of course, are not as bullet proof or rapid as the prescription insecticides of mainstream medicine: however they are safer potentially much safer.
They also include juice of apricot leaves applied to the affected areas. Neem leaf oil can be effective against both the mite and the itch that it causes.

Read this report to discover how to tell if you have scabies and how to quickly and naturally kill the scabies mites.

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