The word rheumatism comes from the Greek word “rheuma,” which means a swelling and basically that is exactly what rheumatism is. It is the swelling of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, or the joints.

When rheumatism first starts, there is usually fever and pain. In its acute muscular form, the area becomes so sensitive that even the weight of clothing aggravates the pain. In the beginning, rheumatism is in its “acute” stage; but if it isn’t treated, rheumatism can become “chronic.” In chronic articular rheumatism (pain in the joints), pain and stiffness are present in one or more joints of the body. There is almost always noticeable swelling.

Cause of Rheumatism

It is believed that the main cause of rheumatism is a buildup of toxic waste in the blood. The American diet consists of a lot of red meat, white bread, sugar, and refined cereals. There is also a large consumption of fast food and packaged foods that contain a great many food preservatives. All of these things contribute to toxic waste buildup in the blood.

To prevent rheumatism, eat a diet that is high in fresh or lightly steamed fruits and vegetables. Avoid red meat and eat chicken or fish instead. Avoid all prepackaged food and all fast food. This diet is not a guarantee that you will never have rheumatism, but it will certainly give you a better chance of avoiding it along with many other human maladies like heart disease.

If you are already suffering from rheumatism, take one or two teaspoons of the juice pressed out of raw potatoes several times each day. You can also drink one cup of the juice of bitter gourd mixed with one teaspoon of honey every day. Drinking the juice of two or three lemons every day will help to relieve rheumatism, as well.