One condition that lends itself to home remedies has become increasingly important over the last 50 years as male sperm counts and testosterone levels have plunged up to 80 per cent in the developed nations of the world. There are many reasons for this. Some we can do something about and others are hard to get a handle on. The high sugar, high corn fructose, and artificial sweeteners are among the suspects and they can be avoided for the most part. Processed food and drink are always suspect. Cooking and processing your own meals with locally grown organic fruits vegetables, cereals and meats is the gold standard. Try and stay as close to this as you can. In general, anything that decreases your general health will lower testosterone levels. So increase your general health as much as possible. Also pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, other poisons in the food and water systems are implicated as well.

It’s worth noting here that testosterone levels can be increased rapidly with medically prescribed testosterone and anabolic steroids. This can be done under a doctors supervision or can be done illegally. This is fraught with peril and possible negatives. Although for some men a doctor regulated regimen of testosterone supplementation can be just the thing. But first look to remove the estrogen and the estrogen mimicking hormones from your system.

Avoid microwaving processed foods. There are three bad things here. First off, heating the estrogen mimicking chemicals in plastic bowls and wraps release terrible amounts of these chemicals and other chemicals as well. Second: Radiation destroys nutritional value and more of whatever remaining food value that might be in that processed food, Third: Who needs extra radiation these days? You have plenty of it.

Processed Soy Products: Two reasons to avoid them. First: Most of the soy out there is genetically modified. A lot of genetically modified food has pesticide producing genes spliced into the plant DNA. Bad. Second: The soybean contains naturally occurring phyto-estrogens. Soybeans can be taken in moderation in the fermented products made from them.

Get a good water filter that gets out very small molecular particles. Pesticides, bromides, fluorides and chlorine are some of what we know about. There’s new chemicals being introduced into the food and product chain every day. Mostly untested.

These are a few things to avoid in order to reduce estrogen uptake. Sometimes the not doing is more important than the doing. In this case it should be the first thing that you try. In succeeding columns we’ll talk about other active things.