Radiation is everywhere in our modern world these days. Other than an optimum level for solar radiation, none of it is helpful and all of it is potentially dangerous. One gadget we use every day is the phone. Using a headset is very important. And not just any headset. You need an air tube to make sure your not pumping radiation into your head. An air tube replaces the wire with an acoustic tube to the ear. So no radiation goes directly into the ear. Still the cell phone or the cordless is ejecting radiation, which is going into your heart, kidneys, or liver depending where you are carrying it. There is something to help with this problem.

One thing you do not want to do is to irradiate the softest most vulnerable part of your brain with electromagnetic radiation. There is one air tube headset I have tried and that is the “Blue Tube” headset from Dr. Mercola. It works quite well, the receiving audio is great and much better than my old wired set. But it has a dangling microphone that you have to adjust to get a good sound level on it. I had to tie a knot in my air tube; that helped quite a bit. As far as the retractable cord goes, I don’t know. I might have broken it by not knowing how to work it, or not. One half of it doesn’t retract. The other half does.
Can be used for cell phone or for a cordless phone. It comes with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack. Reasonably priced, with no metal in the headpiece or audio tube. A terrific remedy to reduce radiation.

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