Protect Your Joints And Prevent Bursitis

Do you know that soft tissues in the body are protected from injuries by a saclike structure called the bursa? Bursitis_ElbowThe bursa has lubricating fluid that decreases the friction between tendons, ligaments and bones. Bursae are located throughout the body. However, there are areas in the body that are more pressured and used repeatedly. When a bursa is irritated, it leads to bursitis. Bursitis commonly occurs in the joints in feet, shoulders, knees and elbows. It can also occur in the hip joint.
There are everyday activities that you do that can cause bursitis such as kneeling or carrying heavy things. Playing sports can cause bursitis. Even wearing tight-fitting shoes can already irritate the bursa. To prevent bursitis from happening, you should know how to protect your joints.

Use Pads And Cushions
When you kneel or sit, use a cushion so that the pressure on your joints and bones are reduced. If you are holding a certain position for a long time, using pads and cushions can help. For instance, if will be gardening, you can use a kneeling pad or knee protectors. Those who have to sit long hours in the office should have cushioned seats to avoid having hip bursitis.

Work And Rest
It is important to balance work and rest to reduce joint pressure. Taking a break from repetitive movements can give your joints ample rest. Take a break in between activities so that the joints are not overworked.

Physical exercise can do your body wonders. It will help keep your body flexible and strong. If you play sports, this can condition your body. However, you must be wary about over exerting when playing sports. Often, when the sport becomes competitive, you put too much pressure on your joints which can cause bursitis.

Maintain Normal Weight
Being overweight increases the pressure on different parts of the body which can easily irritate the bursa sac. Excess weight puts more pressure on the joints when your perform activities. If you want to prevent bursitis, have normal weight.

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