saladEnergy rises and falls throughout the day, especially if you work at a desk. When a boost is needed, most people head for the coffee maker, coke machine or candy machine for that extra jolt to wake up and get on with the rest of the day. However, these stimulants don’t have a lasting effect. To hit on the right nutritional balance, most dieticians recommend 30 to 40 percent of total daily calories come from good fats like fish oil, nuts and seeds, 20 to 30 percent from lean protein and 40 to 50 percent from carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Some Top Power  Food Picks to Pick You Up

Oatmeal: This is packed with stress-reducing vitamin B and soluble fiber. The whole grain offers more sustained energy than cold cereal and refined-flour toast. If your body doesn’t use this carb for energy right away,, it will store up to 400 calories of the surplus in the liver as glycogen. This molecule acts like an energy reserve.

Home Remedies Review

Try oatmeal in the morning with apple, cinnamon and almond slivers for toppings. Make your own granola by lightly coating rolled oats with apple juice, add dried fruits and nuts, bake at 325 degrees and occasionally stirring until toasted.

Eggs: In terms of protein quality, they outrank milk, beef and soy. And don’t forget the yolk which contains choline that has shown to be critical for memory and thought processing.
Cut up a hard boiled egg and sprinkle over your salad, scramble eggs with lightly fried vegetables or poach 2 eggs and make for a sandwich with whole-grain bread.

Power Foods to Help Power Through the Day

Market Fresh FruitCitrus: Loaded with vitamin C, these fruits help your body produce a compound called carnitine that basically transfers fat to your muscles so it can be used for energy. This allows the body to use fat for fuel thus enabling the muscles to exercise for longer periods of time and not feeling fatigued.
Try squeezing fresh lemon juice over greens and pasta salads. Add it to your drinking water or tea. Top your salad with slices of mandarin. Have an orange with your lunch.

Yogurt: This helps you focus, maintain muscle mass and assist you with weight control. It has more nutrients than milk with high concentrations of protein, calcium and vitamin D. It is a good source of potassiuim, phosphorous, zinc and probiotics that help boost the immune system.
Keep some low-fat plain yogurt in the office snack room refrigerator. Flavor it up with a teaspoon of honey or peanut butter. Mix it up with cucumbers and lemon. Add pecans, apple sauce, pineapple or berries.

Tea: Sipping tea during the day can aid in concentration levels and help with preventing early dementia. Midlife coffee and tea drinking can decrease the risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease later in life. This conclusion is made in a Finnish Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia (CAIDE) Study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. See Science Daily>>

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