Suffering from pink eye is a frustrating event. Pink eye, also known and referred to by Physicians as conjunctivitis is a condition in which the whites of the eye become irritated and inflamed. This is especially troubling for children because once it reaches this level the result is painful and itchy. There is no age limited on who can or cannot contract pink eye. Even newborns have been diagnosed. In most cases pink eye is caused by viral infections but allergies, even a bacterial infection can cause pink eye. There are natural treatments for pink eye.

The most troubling and what concerns parents the most is the method of treatments, duration and that some simply do not work. Most people these days would rather use an alternative, homeopathic treatment when treating many ailments including pink eye. Because there is no real guarantee that specific prescription medications will work, parents and patients in general feel if there is a tried and true method without compromising ones immune system like conventional medicine, they chose the latter of the two.

There are many alternative treatments and home remedies for pink eye that are less invasive than a prescription from your Doctor. In most cases these home remedies for pink eye have been around for centuries and many have been used by our grandparents and great grandparents.

Home Remedies For Pink Eye :

Boiled Fennel Seeds – reduce inflammation and pain associated with pink eye. Although not a cure it is a treatment to reduce the redness and irritation. You can also use elderberry blossom tea to wash the eye and flush it. This will not only help with irritations but also assist in clearing the infection.

Honey For Pink Eye – People who have suffered from pink eye rave about the use of honey to treat it. Simply put a drop or two of honey on your eye. Honey carries natural antibacterial properties that will promote healing of your eye pink and also help to soothe the eye.

Raw Potato – Many homes already have potatoes so when pink eye strikes reaching for one is very convenient. A potato is an astringent and will help reduce inflammation associated with pink eye. By slicing a raw potato and placing the slice on your eye(s) for fifteen to twenty minutes it becomes a very effective natural home remedy to promote healing of pink eye.

Boric Acid – Don’t let the name scare you. Boric acid is an effective eye wash that will relieve systems and discomfort associated with pink eye. It both cleans and soothes. You can use this solution as a warm compress by apply it directly to the eye to relieve discomfort and promote healing.

Breast Milk – One of the best home remedies I have heard of is breast milk. Works like a charm ! Add a couple of drops of breast milk into the infected eye. Breast milk also helps to unclog tear ducts in infants. This home remedy for pink eye has been around for decades and seems to really work .

One should always follow a strict pink eye diet when trying to treat pink eye. Vitamins A and B2 have proven effective in the treatment as a stand alone pink eye remedy or in conjunction with other topical treatments. Eat as many natural foods rich in Vitamin A like yogurt, carrots, whole milk, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and papaya. Grab foods like almonds, citrus fruits and bananas for a good source of vitamin B2.

Avoid starchy and sugary foods like white bread, refined cereals, pudding, sugar, jams, and overall fatty foods. Caffeine like tea and coffee should be limited or omitted. Reduce your intake of salt and other condiments.

As with any alternative medicine or home remedy we suggest you always consult with your physician before any new diet, exercise or home remedy regimen.

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