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Hi, my name is Fanny, and coming up we’re going to talking home remedies.
Today it’s all about Nopal, or Cactus. The prickly pear type and the not so prickly pear.

For a long time people have known about the benefits of cactus. It’s a great food for a variety of ailments, especially for alleviating diabetes.

This is a very simple process to prepare the plant. Oh, there is a special variety of cactus that doesn’t have the long sharp thorns that the wild variety does.

The first thing we do is cut the cactus from the plant, then with a clothespin or something to use as a clamp; we cut off the thorns with a sharp knife or a razor blade.

You can eat nopales raw, or in a salad with cilantro and onion, chile and tomato. You can also make a pico de gallo with cactus as well. You can serve them boiled, or toast the ears over a comal. Make them many different ways. Serve them with beans or shrimp, in almost any style you want. It’s good in many different ways.

It’s a simple process: Just take off the thorns, and then you can keep the pencas (ears) in a refrigerator in zip-lock bags. Then whenever you like, just take them, use the whole ear and lightly toast them over a grill. You can also dip them in egg batter, lightly fry them, and cover them with salsa.

Another method is to cut them up into small pieces, place the pieces in a pan and fry and steam until they are tender. Stir in eggs and you have the makings of a great breakfast taco.Muy bueno for diabetics and muy sabroso!
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Here’s a simple recipe from Home Remedies using Nopales with ground beef, fish or shrimp:

You take your Tender Cactus and slice them and dice them. Or more likely you get them from the fruit stand or store already cut up.

Turn on stove to medium high hear. Put in olive oil, then chop onion and garlic to taste (you really can’t use too much) Lightly sauté until lightly brown, then put in Nopalitos. Stir for a while, then add just enough water for steaming, cover and turn down heat to a medium simmer, Should take 15 minutes or so. You can tell when the little cacti are done because they will change colors from a bright green to more of a “cooked green”.

The cooked cactus should last a week, or until you decide to make some more.
You can combine the nopalitos with ground beef, or rice, or shrimp, or fish. In the morning you can serve it with eggs mixed in, or with lots of salsa, or just by itself as a side dish.

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