Whether you live in the fertile Rio Grande Valley or the deserts of West Texas or almost anywhere in the Southwest or in Northern Mexico; you have encountered plants and products that are indigenous the border region. There are plants in Mexico that have incredible powers of healing. Also there are natural fruits, roots and bark that can be purchased in Mexico as well, that can not be found on this side of the border. While some things that do have medicinal properties ,or aru used in home remedies are banned (such as cannabis sativa and coca leaf) there are many others that are available. In fact in the deserts and jungles of Latin America, there is a rich cornucopia of natural medicine, much of it undiscovered still today.

Home remedies and natural medicine

Home remedies and natural medicine should be working in conjunction with the drugs and therapies of allopathic, or conventional medicine. In the following two videos we explore some of what lies along the lands that lie alongside the Rio Grande; that exist in this world that touches and mixes two realities.

Please contact us about any of the home remedies and natural treatments that you know of , or that have run in your family.

Here’s a video from NaturalNews on how to make nopal cactus fruit juice


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