Remember that the body is the medium that carries the mind and it is here that yoga takes on the greatest significance. Personal Values are completely essential as they identify ones nature and expands character. the golden rule is that if you do not respect yourself, then no-one else is likely to respect you either. Yoga also helps in determination to be a better person.

Yoga & Love

Yoga also plays a vital factor in shaping ones love life. No doubt, life is influenced by our beliefs and the way we construe things and situations. All our thoughts, feelings and emotions display in one form or another in the body and every aspect of our life. As we become more sensitive to our internal feelings, we begin to find pleasant thoughts coming to mind, and these thoughts create good feelings. And the most important major theme of yoga is that of learning to love and be loved. Yoga guides the energy of love to flow without restraint through all of us once we start practicing it.

Yoga & Mental Health

Yoga and mental health are very closely interconnected. Anyone who practices yoga can undergo incredible changes that result in a deeply improving effect on their mental health. The reduction of tension and a restoration of suppleness are just a couple of the mental health benefits that we can achieve from yoga. Yoga has the magical power to restore our ability for awareness, focus and willingness to handle problems.  Thus, yoga possesses a great healing power which is proven to benefit the physical as well as mental well being of any individual.

Yoga & Social Values

Yoga and social values also go hand in hand. Social values can be referred to as a set of philosophies and beliefs that an individual adheres to all their life. Yoga has a tremendous power to instill those principles that go a long way in making a human complete. We are able to handle any tricky and problematic situation that comes at us in day to day life with yoga on our side.

Yoga For Beauty

Yoga and beauty are interrelated. Yoga not only improves the physical strength but also the grace and beauty of the face. By practicing yoga we can enhance the beauty of our figure, give us a graceful carriage, melodious voice, glowing face and a charming smile. If the asanas of yoga are practiced on a regular basis, it can help us to attain a figure that enhances beauty and gives us far greater flexibility. Beauty that is allied with suppleness gives one an allure and a grace that shows itself in every body movement. To look attractive and pleasing we must remain free of all worries, stress and tensions!

Yoga Healing

Yoga has also been known to heal various minor disorders and ailments such as:
  • acid stomach
  • indigestion
  • constipation
  • insomnia
  • asthma
  • heart disorders
  • hypertension
  • cancer
  • bronchitis
The power to heal within yoga is so great that it is being reviewed for its ability to assist in treating some far more serious medical conditions like cerebral palsy, and osteoporosis and various sclerotic conditions.
One more example of yoga’s healing power is that it enables people to control a variety of body functions, which include:
  • blood pressure
  • body temperature
  • heart rate
  • metabolic functions
It has been proven that those who practice yoga on a regular basis have reduced anxiety, are more resistant to stress, have lower blood pressure, efficient heart function and overall improved physical health.

Yoga & Sex

Yoga has proven beyond doubt that a satisfying sexual life is essential to lead a happy life. Yoga refers to sex as a completely natural bodily and spiritual function, one that is a vital part of any loving relationship and of course, very important for the continuation of the human race on the earth. Yoga has a clear cut border line – do not over-indulge in sex as it may weaken the force and pace of life. But, we can learn to control our sexual activities through different yoga postures, and, as we have already seen, a complete form of yoga called Kundalini Yoga deals with controlling your sexual desires and powers.

Yoga & Knowledge

Yoga also assists an individual to not only realize their own self but also to appreciate other issues around them. The practice and theory of yoga leads to increased self-knowledge. Practicing breathing and posture exercises helps in achieving and maintaining health, physical and mental as well as relaxation. The wisdom achieved through yoga is not merely that of the practical kind relating to methods of exercise, for example, but also of a spiritual nature pertaining to comprehending something about our own nature self too.

Yoga For Weight Reduction

One more great benefit of practicing yoga is its capability to reduce weight. By practicing different asanas or postures of yoga, it really is possible to effortlessly reduce unwanted fat from our body. Some of the postures will stimulate sluggish glands to increase their hormonal secretions. For instance, the thyroid gland has a huge effect on your weight as it influences our overall body metabolism. Postures like shoulder stand and the fish asanas are specifically for the thyroid gland and these postures increase fat metabolism and in doing so converts fat to muscle and energy. Therefore, yoga will not only help one to lose fat but also have a better muscle tone and more strength as well.

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