How To Treat Mild Kitchen Burns At Home

In the hopes of cooking delicious food for the family, you can get some mild burns through cooking. Sometimes, oil jumps from the frying pan and hits your hand. There are times when you can burn the side of your hand while getting something in the oven. Fortunately, kitchen burns can be treated at home with ingredients you can see in the kitchen too.

Cold Water
Immediately after being burned, cool down the burned spot with cold water. Keep it under cold water for 15-30 minutes. Take note, you will use cold water and not ice water. After the heat from the burn is gone, you can use the other home ingredients to treat the burn.

Tea Bag
When putting the burn area under cold water, you can already combine the tea bags. However, if it is a second-degree burn, wait for the wound to heal first. Soak the tea bags in cold water for a few minutes and then put the burn area in the cold tea. After that, place the tea bags on the burn area and take it out after a few minutes.

Vinegar is great for relaxing the skin tissue and it works as a painkiller too. Soak a cloth in vinegar mixed with cold water and cover the burn area with the cloth. You can use any type of vinegar. If you feel the pain from the burn coming back, change the cloth and repeat the process.

Egg White
Egg whites are great painkillers for burns. Simply coat the burn area with egg white and you will not feel the pain. When the egg whites start to dry up then you need to re-apply fresh egg whites on the burn area. Egg whites not only relieve you from pain, it can help heal the burn and prevent scars too.

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