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This story is true and we draw no conclusions from it, nor make any editorial comment over it, except for this: Prevention and common sense can keep you out of the hands of the medical professionals sometimes for many years. In this instance a smoking habit was a major factor in Pablo’s condition. Use common sense, don’t smoke, and secondly don’t smoke when you have developed a lung condition. Unhealthy lifestyles and indulgence in processed foods, lack of exercise, etc., can all make a difference in developing disease and dysfunction. It’s our opinion as well that many medical procedures and medicines range from ineffective to counter-productive and are focused more on immediate results than long term health and well-being. Natural methods and prevention are important. Saying that, many serious conditions do call for surgery, radical treatments or high powered potentially deadly drugs. In today’s medical world many non-serious conditions are treated with very radical and potentially deadly new patent medicines.

So looking to the natural world, and looking at lifestyle and environment only makes sense. And when something defies common sense, well look twice, and think three times.

The following story also points out the sometimes crazed bureaucracy and exorbitant costs of the current system:

We had a good day and bad day with Pablo. On a good note, he finally qualified for oxygen from his night test. Supposedly will have it by tomorrow but I’ll believe it when I see it. Still it is such a huge relief to him to know he will have it and I feel he’ll cope better all the way around because of having it. On a down note, he nearly and I mean really had a heart attack in the cardiologists today. He couldn’t do physical stress test so they tried to induce him chemically, which they assured us there are RARELY bad reactions….guess whose rare…yup, he started passing out and everyone went into freak mode which was scary for all of us. But he’s home now and all is calm and happy knowing oxygen is on the way. We go back to cardiologist on Monday to get the “news”…. he’s a little worried about it, but I’m sure whatever the situation is we’ll fight back to health.

Between the German surgery happy Frankenstein doctor and the chemical freaks it’s a challenge….LOL! I swear I could get on my soap box about the whole system so easy, it’s a nightmare to have insurance and HELL without it so where’s the middle ground? Thank God we have insurance but we’ll never be able to pay off our part unless we win the lottery, but if we didn’t have it we’d get nothing. We sat in the waiting room yesterday and had to listen to an 80 year old woman BEG to get an appointment with the doctor just to get her heart med prescription refilled, She’s only got social security. The appointment was going to be $85, which she politely told them she didn’t have. They recommended she go to the emergency room. Finally the guy let her pay $10, which she also struggled to come up with, and made a payment plan for her to pay $10a month…it was heartbreaking. I know this goes on times millions everyday, it just makes me sick. Got the bill for the FIRST of his 3 emergency room visits….$5429.00 plus an $800 ambulance ride! Our insurance paid them $3500 within three days so I don’t feel bad for them having to wait on our money….I don’t begrudge the medical professionals their money as they’ve saved my hubbies life numerous times now, it’s just blows my mind that a tank of oxygen could have avoided all of this. That is our good news from yesterday, FINALLY, the test results showed his oxygen dropped into the 80’s for extended periods of time over night and the breathing techs are now trying to get Pablo his oxygen prescription for night time and emergencies by today…I won’t hold my breath, no pun intended, but at least we feel so much relieved that it is on it’s way! Gee, it only took about $25,000.00 worth of med treatments and tests for them to listen to what we told them we needed all along! Sorry, I know you know from your own families experience what an injustice this whole system is….What kills me is in many situations had I not been there to watch like a hawk what they were doing or NOT doing he might be dead or we still wouldn’t have what we need, I had to be an ass   to get the damn test done in the first place! I just can’t imagine what people do who are so sick they have no one to fight for them, maybe I should start a new career… medical vigilante caregiver… there to communicate for the patient and interpret what the doctor is saying or not saying… there to make sure they don’t poison your ass...LOL okay enough soap box, I feel better…sorry!

Thanks for letting me vent!


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Editors Note: People fall through the cracks all the time. Health care is a complex issue, and is made infinitely more complex by the politics and greed that infiltrate the issue from every direction. We at The Home Remedies Review feel that it is important to bring out natural and benign methods of prevention and treatment that can sometimes actually allow people to avoid the medical crisis that would necessitate heroic treatments with powerful drugs and surgery. Sometimes when the medical establishment attacks and belittles a treatment in a very harsh manner, that does not mean that the protocol is ineffective, just that it is threatening to the establishment. 

One of these treatments is the gallbladder, or liver cleanse. I myself, have dissolved gallstones with this procedure, and seen others that were on the brink of having gallbladder surgery be able to save this vital organ. The procedures vary, and many natural health practitioners recommend two or three “flushes” or cleanses each year. May you avoid your own medical horror story. This may help