Iodide and Iodine PillsIodine is a very important nutrient. And it’s also one that most people are deficient in.
The Japanese for the most part are not. They have plenty of it. The good new is that we can get it the same way that they do. And as of this publishing iodine sufficiency can go a long way to protecting against radiation sickness.

One of the first things that a nuclear bomb puts out, or a melted down nuclear reactor for that matter is radioactive iodine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that the body needs iodine — in a non-radioactive form — to make thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism. People usually get the stable iodine they need from food……But many doctors and health professionals feel that most Americans are deficient in iodine. To protect against radioactive iodine, the first line remedy other than avoiding the radiation in the first place, is flooding the thyroid gland with good iodine. The difference between stable and radioactive iodine is lost on the body Taking stable iodine tablets can protect the thyroid from injury by “filling up” the gland…. Thus blocking the radioactive iodine from entering the thyroid.

There are many other things to consider when talking about radiation and the thyroid. Destroying the thyroid is just one of many ways that radiation can kill a human being.
But in addition to prophylactic warding off thyroid damage, iodine is essential in many other ways. With a deficiency of iodine the thyroid can not work properly. One of the main functions of the thyroid gland is regulating metabolism and weight. Severe deficiencies of the mineral can lead to severe problems such as:

  • Poor perception
  • coarse dry skin
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • still births
  • fatigue
  •  constipation.

Also many leading health experts believe that low levels of thyroid activity are directly related to heart attacks and circulatory issues. Fortunately there are ways to check thyroid activity both mainstream medical and there is a body temperature method as well. There is a blood test for iodine levels and if it’s low, you should try to raise it.

The best home remedy to cure iodine deficiency is diet. The largest iodine containing food sources come from the sea. Sardines, tuna, halibut, herring, salmon, shrimp. any salt water marine animal will do. As far as sea vegetables go. Kelp and seaweed and dulse are great. There is a Japanese seaweed known as nori. Good for soups and to wrap sushi. Don’t overlook salt as well. Part of the reason iodine deficiency is so widespread these days is because people are eating less salt. Which most times is a good thing. So make sure you have iodized salt. The addition of iodine to salt has almost eliminated goiter. Better yet get a high quality non-processed salt from ancient deposits. In the commercial salt many times aluminum dioxide is added, which is definitely bad. No health study to date has found any benefits from aluminum ingestion by people, but many have found startling information on harmful effects.

Vegetables such as chard, soybeans. Soy sauce, spinach, turnip greens, sesame seeds, and summer squash are some of the vegetables that are wonderful for increasing iodine uptake.
And there are others

If,  however, you have a severe iodine deficiency there are iodine supplements. And in the case of a nuclear emergency you need to flood the thyroid with good iodine as fast as possible.
There’s Potassium Iodide , and also pharmaceutical grade iodine as well. Doses over 2,000 milligrams may cause problems. When taking high doses of iodine, it’s best to consult your doctor or pharmacist. And watch for any adverse reactions

There are natural iodine supplements from kelp and other marine vegetables that are very safe, and are excellent for maintenance of optimum levels. But to get your levels up in a few days to keep your thyroid from being fried by say a nuclear reactor meltdown, you need the high potency pharmaceutical grade iodine. They’re passing it out in Japan right now as you read this.

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