Indigestion Definition

Indigestion is another name for a stomach in distress. Indigestion generally occurs when one eats more than he should, too fast, or eats too much of a food that is not easily digestible. Many people often suffer from the problem of indigestion after consuming a bulky meal during the day. Over-eating at night is the worst. Every four out of ten adults suffer from indigestion at some time every year.

Further if you take meals at regular intervals in a very short period of time you are bound to suffer from indigestion quite regularly. Indigestion tends to be a catch all term that refers to many types of stomach upset.

Causes of Indigestion

One of the chief causes of indigestion is excessive stress. Also allopathic medicines may lead to indigestion, particularly if a person is taking in a large amount of medicine from multiple prescriptions.  When pregnant, between massive hormonal and bio-chemical changes during this time, and of course the fetus that is crowding everything in the abdominal cavity during pregnancy, indigestion can be an everyday occurrence.

Smoking as well can lead to indigestion. Having caffeine or tea in an empty stomach can lead to gas formation and thereby indigestion.Excessive consumption of alcohol and the chronic diseases this can lead to can create ulcers. Sometimes eating heavy meals, swallowing of food or fast eating also leads to indigestion.

Indigestion treatment

• The first step in the protocol for  Heart Burn and Acid Reflux is to avoid over eating and mastication of food. Chew the your food thoroughly.

• Apply a Mud pack over abdomen.

• Wet abdominal pack can also provide a huge amount of relief.

• One of the chief Acid Reflux remedies is to use Lemon water at regular intervals once or twice in a week to prevent indigestion.

Indigestion remedies

• Taking a glass of pineapple juice is a highly effective

• Another important indigestion remedy is to use a half a glass of orange juice after a meal. as it provides relief to the digestive system, and is highly nutritious as well.

• Grapes are also effective  and are very soothing to the stomach.

• Lastly, make a diary of your food intake each week and stay away from certain foods on the list for a week or so to see if there are improvements. The process of elimination might help discover what is causing the indigestion.

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