Home remedies for hangovers and treatments for hangovers could be as old as alcohol imbibing and medicine itself.
Ever since some cave man picked up a rotting fruit and got high instead of sick, then went on to discover the art of brewing, and eventually distilling, hangovers have been an issue. Folk lore has many treatments. They range from very good to downright ridiculous.

One is hangover prevention. The simplest thing here is not to drink too much. That is the ultimate hangover cure. It’s a disease that is 100% preventable. If you are going to drink then pacing is everything. Riding the middle range between true intoxication and everyday sobriety, both prevents embarrassing incidents and also makes hangover recovery much easier. It also makes things much easier on your fellow party goers. Have one drink or beer per hour. Space this out by drinking water or a non-alcoholic beverage in between drinks. If you allow your body to metabolize alcohol over time, much less damage is done to the system. If the metabolism can regulate its alcohol processing, much less damage is done to the system. It converts ethanol into other chemicals. The faster you drink and the more you overwhelm your liver, the more dangerous those chemicals become. And the more you’re going to need your hangover remedy.

Dehydration is the next culprit in this assault on the over-imbibers. Alcohol will deplete you of water. Also sugary drinks and other additives will help deplete you of water. Mixing drinks can be very toxic to your hangover prevention regimen. There’s something in the synergistic reaction of the different chemicals and compounds. Also some drinks are more toxic than others. Whisky and Bourbon and many times red wine, especially cheap wine, can make you long for your hangover cure. They don’t call it rotgut for nothing.

So try not to get dehydrated while drinking. Don’t over drink. If you’re drinking to unconsciousness and coma, you probably have problems outside the scope of this article and should seek help from a reliable source. First step: Find a reliable source.

The home remedy for hangovers includes replenishing Vitamin C. (Your Vitamin C level along with your B levels will be devastated.) Replenishing electrolytes. especially potassium , is very important. Salt is as well, but a lot of bar snacks and or d’oeuvres have enormous amounts of sodium. Coffee works for some people. For others it doesn’t. It always helps my headaches, but that’s the type of headache I get. For others acetaminophen is good. If you have an iffy liver, you might skip it. Aspirin may cause even more bleeding in your already raw and abused stomach. There are smoothies and drinks that can help….Though you might not feel like whipping out the old blender and chopping and dicing, and of course, the ultimate hangover cure is time.

The Basics:
Shower: Switch between hot and cold
Sleep: Find a quiet place with a bed.
Replenish your body: Drink juices, water and drinks like Gatorade
Eat mineral rich food: Pickles, canned fish
Alka Seltzer Morning Relief: Some swear by it
Watch this video: Hangover Remedies with Jonathan Stewart
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