EaracheAnyone who has children has set up a few nights when the child had an earache. Before a baby can even talk, he can tell you that his ear hurts by pulling on the earlobe. Most often, a child’s earache is caused by an infection in the middle ear called “otitis media.” Boys are more prone to otitis media than are girls. The main cause of otitis media is blockage of the Eustachian tube because of a cold, an allergy, or some foreign material in the ear. These things cause fluid to build up in the middle ear, and the fluid causes swelling of the eardrum.

Adults, of course, can and do get earaches. When an adult has an earache, it is most often caused by an infection of the external ear. An infection of the external ear is called “otitis externa.” Otitis externa is commonly referred to as “swimmer’s ear,” although swimming is certainly not the only cause of earaches in adults. Otitis externa is caused by fungi or bacteria. This bacteria and fungi prefer moist and wet conditions. They thrive and multiply in that environment. Frequent swimming or exposure to water increases the chances of infection, thus the name, “swimmer’s ear.”

Of course, when a child or an adult has an earache, the main objective is to stop the pain. Earaches aren’t new to the world. People of all ages have been getting earaches since the dawn of civilization. Because they had no other alternatives, our ancestors treated themselves, and you can use some of these old (and new) home remedies to help relieve the pain of an earache.

  • Put a few drops of garlic juice into the affected ear.
  • Use a blow dryer held about 12 to 15 inches from the ear and direct warm air into the ear to dry the moisture.
  • Put 2 or 3 drops of warmed olive oil into the aching ear.