What are the major home remedies to get relief from earache?

Home Remedies for EaracheEars are certainly the most sensitive part of a human body. Both children and adults experience earache due to various reasons such as bacterial infection, allergy and inflammation from a variety of causes. If you regularly face pain in your ears then it will certainly be wise for you to go through some of the major home remedies for earaches that are discussed below.

Use Garlic
Garlic serves as antibiotic and thereby is extremely effective in treating earache. In order to get results, you should extract the juice by crushing garlic and then heat it along with two teaspoon of sesame oil. After the solution cools down, strain through a cheesecloth or other type of strainer and make sure to pour two to three drops of it in your affected ear.

Pour Banana Juice
This is also one of the popular ways to get rid of pain in the ears. You must extract the juice from the bark of a banana tree and then heat it slightly. After the juice cools down, strain well, then pour at least two to three drops of juice in the effected ear. Many times this will bring relief and sometimes will provide permanent relief of the ear pain.

Use Almond Oil
Almond oil is also one of the major home remedies for earaches. The almond oil should be warm but not hot enough to cause discomfort. You can use a container of almond oil and dip it into a bowl of hot water. Then it’s time for you to pour at least three to four drops of the warm almond oil in to the affected ear. This method works very well.

Use Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil has also been used by various people to get rid of unbearable earache. Make sure to pour few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of warm water and then inhale the vapor properly. You must repeat the same process twice a day and thereby get relief from both your earache and it is good for sinuses, bronchial and lung congestion as well..

Get Lime Juice
One home remedy that has been around for a long time is the lime juice method. You must add a few drops of lime juice in a bowl of warm water and then pour one to two drops of diluted lime juice in the effected ear in order get relief.

These are but some of the major home remedies for earaches that will help you in your struggles with ear pain.

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