Top 5 Diabetes-Friendly Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

For a diabetic, his diet plays a key role in controlling blood sugar level. If you have been struggling to find a good diet, follow this list of healthy fruits and vegetables that figure in the current diet for diabetics:

Diet for Diabetics
1. Apples
Low in calories but high in fiber, apples should be on the top of the list of your diet. The fiber plays a crucial role in controlling blood sugar spikes caused because of regular stress. It is best to consume whole apples, as its peel contains the maximum amount of fiber. You could also bake the fruit in the microwave for 4 minutes. Add a spicy twist to it by sprinkling cinnamon powder on it.
2. Carrots
Conventionally, carrots were not recommended for diabetics. However, recent medical research has proven the otherwise. Carrots do have sugar but its level is very low. Its fiber and beta-carotene content is very high, which makes it a tasty option for diabetics. While fiber helps keep the glucose level moderate, beta-carotene prevents the unusual blood sugar rise. That is why a modern diet for diabetics recommends consumption of carrots on daily basis. The amount, however, would depend on your current blood sugar level.
3. Beans
Beans are rich in soluble fiber, which has the tendency of turning into gel while being digested. In the gel form, beans digest slowly staying in the stomach for long. Hence, their ability to control blood sugar is longer than other foods. For those diabetics, who are in highly stressful jobs, they should include beans in their daily diets. Most canned beans contain salt, which could lead to high blood pressure making diabetes difficult to manage. Thus, as per home remedies for diabetes, it is recommended that you wash the beans and drain the water before preparing the bean meal.
4. Broccoli
Although not a very popular vegetable, it is one of the best home remedies for diabetes. It is highly fibrous, has chromium, and is replete with anti-oxidants. During 1950s, scientists discovered chromium – a mineral, which can control blood sugar level. Doctors recommend eating broccoli in salads. In case, you are bothered by the taste of broccoli, you could add it to your favorite dishes like pasta, soup or prepare it with garlic.
5. Barley
Consuming white rice is not a good idea at all, as it is rich in starch. Replace it with barley. Research has revealed that barley can lower blood sugar by 70% and can keep it stable for hours. Hence, having a barley dinner is a brilliant idea because it would not let the glucose level rise while you sleep at night and in the morning, you will not experience the blood sugar spike, which is very common amongst diabetics. Another reason that barley is included in the diet for diabetics is its substantial soluble fiber content.

Diabetes-Controlling Foods

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