Losing weight is absolutely the safest and one of the most effective treatments for hernias.

 It is of course easy to tell someone to lose weight, but actually doing it is of course, another thing altogether. Losing weight will lessen strain on the abdominal wall. Strain and pressure are after all what caused the hernia in the first place.

Poultices and herbal packs

Comfrey packs are said to work wonders on a hernia. There are commercially prepared ones and of course you can make your own. Boil comfrey leaves then mash slightly, leave wet then wrap in a cloth, tie loosely over the hernia, and leave overnight.

The same thing can be done with red onion. This is a traditional Mexican treatment and is said to work quite well.

Also lower your food intake at any one meal. This relieves pressure and discomfort. Also it may be good for losing weight as well, as long as you don’t indulge in too many small meals.

Especially with Hiatal Hernias and Epigastric hernias regulating stomach acid is very important. Mostly this should be done with diet. A degree of experimentation is called for here as some foods may be benign for some, but very problematic for others. In general spicy foods can be very irritating and should be avoided, but then in moderation might even be beneficial. Onions, coffee, soda drinks, hot peppers, as well as sugary drinks and desserts can unbalance the stomach.

Hernias have a variety of ways to cause gastric distress, digestive, and elimination difficulties. This is why they should be diagnosed and investigated fully by medical specialists. After that make sure you are taking excellent care of your gastro-intestinal system. This may entail fixing any intestinal flora imbalance, cutting down on the yeast or Candida balance in your system, upping fiber intake, either with supplements or vegetable, grain or fruit fiber.

And most importantly, identifying any food allergy or intolerance you may have.

Among the most common one is gluten found in various grains and also the milk sugar lactose found in milk and dairy products. Sometimes people can tolerate raw milk and not processed milk, but raw milk presents problems as well, mostly of availability. Cheeses and fermented dairy can be tolerated many times when milk can not be tolerated.

There are many exercises for hernia rehabilitation. Some are complex, and anything intense needs to be checked out by a professional.

Here are some simple ones:

Leg lifts
Lie down flat and raise your legs a little over a foot. Maintain for a short while then return legs to the floor. Repeat perhaps 10 times or less.

Squeezing A Pillow
Pillows are a great accessory for hernia exercise. Just place a pillow between your knees while lying flat and then squeeze your knees. That’s it. Do it for less than a minute.

Crunches can help tummy muscles regain their tone. While lying flat raise knees and incline torso some 30%. Then relax and bring your back to the original position. Do up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Pool exercise is safe and simple. Just walk in water perhaps five minutes or until you feel a good effect. This will condition and tone all the abdominal and torso muscles.

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