Most reviews about HCG agree on this; once you reach your weight loss target after followng the phases in the plan, it’s easy to maintain that desired weight.

Use the HCG Hormone

When the hormone is used together with the plan, it will result in a constant weight loss. If you find that you have not achieved your desired amount of weight loss after following the phases, you can go through the phases another till you are happy with the amount of weight loss.When reading the reviews on HCG, you will realize that most of them will tell you that on the average people who follow the HCG diet lost up to 3 pounds per day. Something to note is that the fastest rate of weight loss usually happens during phase 2.

Is the HCG Diet Right for You

If you can’t wait to get started on the plan after reading all the success stories, pause a minute and remember it takes total commitment to follow through on all the phases.Ultimately it is up to you to stay the course and not give up hope. hotel bookings . If you are ready to begin, then don’t procrastinate and start the HCG Diet today to begin the journey to a healthier and longer life.

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