You can use an HCG calculator to measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) when you are taking the HCG hormone and following the HCG diet to aid in losing that excess weight. An hCG calculator is also is actually any calculator that helps with your food portions and controlling your weight. The4se are typically used for health issues connected with obesity including diabetes and hypertension.

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When you are using an HCG calculator to measure your BMI, you want to ensure that your BMI is always less than 25. Your BMI calculation is based on your height and weight. Body fat can sometimes be overvalued by the BMI, which typically happens when the person is of the muscular type.

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An HCG calculator is also usually used to determine the level of Beta HCG in pregnancy. During the first four weeks of pregnancy, HCG levels typically doubles every two days. It significantly slows down as the stage of pregnancy progresses. You can use an HCG calculator to input the blood test date and the beta HCG level on that day. Input the beta HCG level on the day of the next blood test and you will be able to calculate the HCG hormone progress.

When losing weight, you will be able to use a calories intake calculator as the HCG calculator to compute how many calories you burned while on the HCG diet plan. One pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories a day. Hence, if you are following the 500 calories a day HCG diet plan, you should be burning one pound of fat a week.

Our bodies aren’t as eficient as calculators so don’t forget that other circumstances may have an impact When the HCG hormone stimulates your hypothalamus gland, your metabolism will increase, and will be able to lose weight fast since you are burning more calories effectively

Another HCG calculator is for nutrients This calculator groups your diet into carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. To measure gain in muscle or weight, a “bulking” calculator could be used.

Studies show that we can reach a plateau in losing weight from the reduced calorie consumption. This is usually disheartening, especially when you are in anguish as you are still following a very low calorie diet.

Increasing the metabolic rate will get you passed the “plateau” and that is what the HCG hormone helps you accomplish. While following this amazing plan, you can use any of the available weight loss calculators as an HCG diet calculator to help compute how fast you are losing weight.

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