FrecklesBasic Facts About Freckles

Freckles are just pigment cells that can be found from various people all over the world. This type of skin condition is usually found on people with fair skin, light colored skin, and red hair individuals. But what are freckles and what triggers it? The main culprit for these circular spots on the skin is the gene MC1R. This specific gene makes people susceptible to develop a skin condition such as freckles.

Light colored, fair skin, and red hair individuals are more predisposed to the gene MC1R making them more vulnerable. The MC1R gene is triggered by sunlight, which results in an increase production of melanin in our skin cells. The melanin is the one that gives pigmentation to our skin. Overproduced melanin in our skin cells will result in dark spots not only in our face but also in some areas of our body.

Types Of Freckles

• Simple – Appears usually as tan, small, round, and just the same size as the regular head of a construction nail.
• Sunburn – Appears darker, possibly larger than the pencil eraser and have irregular shapes or jagged borders. This quite common in the shoulders and upper back, where people are more prone to have severe sunburns.
• Red Freckles – Also known as cherry angiomas, senile angiomas, Campbell de Morgan spots, and hemangiomas. Normally occurs in the trunk, relatively small, flat in shape, and the color ranges from bright red to black.

Prevention And Treatment

There are many ways of removing freckles but most experts would say that prevention is better than cure. Some of the methods must be used several times for a period of time so it is much better to avoid it rather than treating it. You can apply products over the skin such as bleaching creams in order to treat a freckle. They may help in making freckles lighter in color if applied regularly for several months.

Cryosurgery is another method in which light freeze liquid nitrogen is utilized. Chemical peels are also helpful in removing discoloration, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. They can also help in making the skin smooth and eradicate freckle on the skin. The most effective way of removing freckles is the freckle laser removal procedure. It is a very safe procedure where an intense light is used on the skin area that is affected by a freckle health condition. The pulse of light destroys the darker pigments or cells in the skin leaving the healthy ones behind which results in a fair and healthy skin.

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