Worst Food for Diabetics

So what specific food should diabetics avoid? Top food offenders for diabetics are food that are high in calories, carbs, sodium, and fat.
Read on below for some specific examples.

Worst Food for Diabetics - White BreadWhite Bread
I know, I know. Your sandwiches will never be the same again. Refined starches such as white bread can act like sugar once it enters your body. They interfere with glucose control. White bread is also easily digested, and this quick digestion process can cause your blood sugar to increase rapidly.
For a healthier alternative, go ahead and stock up on whole-wheat bread or whole-grain bread.

Worst Food for Diabetics - French FriesFrench Fries
Eating too much oily, greasy fast food will definitely cause weight gain and do much damage on your blood sugar. French fries especially will cause blood sugar levels to rise as these morsels, delicious as they are, possess a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates and starch, as well as super bad trans fat. The oil in them also adds to your calories.

Worst Food for Diabetics - Roasted PeanutsRoasted Nuts
Take note that this is specifically roasted nuts. This kind of nuts are high in advanced glycation end products that cause damaged cell receptors and also lead to insulin resistance. Keep in mind that raw, unprocessed nuts are your best bet.

Worst Food for Diabetics - White RiceWhite Rice
Did you know that eating white rice weekly increases your chance of developing diabetes by 10 percent. That’s right, white rice will definitely get your blood sugar levels soaring. They score very high on the glycemic index. This will eventually damage your blood vessels and nerves.
If you still want your dose of rice, you can replace white rice with brown rice. This reduces your diabetes risk by 16 percent.

Worst Food for Diabetics - Blended CoffeeBlended Coffee
Yes, those pretty, frothy, whipped cream–filled concoctions may get you those likes on Instagram, but they will wreak havoc on your body. They’re filled with a boatload of sugar, calories and carbohydrates. Without a doubt, sipping on these blends will increase the levels of your blood sugar. The healthiest option? Plain black coffee.

Kate B. Forsyth is a writer for Be Healthy Today, who specializes in health and nutrition. Her passion is to help people get an overall transformation of health that lasts a lifetime. In her blog posts, she goes beyond research by providing health-concerned citizens doable and simple tricks to achieve a healthier lifestyle.