Fasting DietsFasting is one of the oldest home remedies. It’s roots are ancient, in fact so old that they pre-date mankind itself. Animals when sick, or infected, or in some sort of severe distress, will quit eating and limit themselves only to drinking water. And many times this will cure them. Fasting Diets were many times one of the first remedies that early man would turn to. It would resolve many difficulties.

Now, after falling out of fashion for many years, doctors and scientists are investigating the startling attributes of this most primary of therapies.

When the digestive system senses no incoming nutrition or calories, changes almost immediately start to take place. As the glycogen supplies are exhausted after some 10 hours or so, the body must make use of stored fat for energy, a very good thing. Also at the same time stored toxins and waste products in the digestive system and in all other systems are marked for elimination as well. As a cleansing and purifying of the entire human system, fasting is incomparable. It can help as well with allergies and auto-immune conditions. It functions as kind of re-set or reboot of the system and helps put operations back into their previously healthy default positions.

As a home remedy the fasts that can do on your own are limited by duration. Fasting of 5 days or longer should not be attempted without a doctors supervision. Blood tests will need to be taken, and in long term fasting many untoward things can happen. If you have serious health issues consult a medical professional for any fast longer than a days duration.

Fasting Diets

There are many different types of fasts, and some are fairly new to the medical world. There is the traditional water only fast, the juice fast, and the fruit fast. A very good and very safe fast is for a meat eater to refrain from animal flesh for a period of weeks or a month…At the end one might realize that he or she does not really need that much animal flesh in the diet.

There is the intermittent fast, of not eating for two or three days a week. Also there is the time restricted fast of only eating during a 8 hour window of time during the day. Some restrict this to just a 5 hour window. The singular feature of this fasting diet is that during that 8 or 5 hour window, you can eat as much as you please; and you will still lose weight.

Many chemotherapy patients use fasting prior to chemotherapy to strengthen the bodies capability to detoxify the poisonous chemical agents that they are given. This has met a lot of resistance from the medical community, but it is not an uncommon practice today.

Some of the conditions that fasting can help:

Of course weight loss. Intermittent or time restricted fasting are best for this. It is important as well to do what works for you, what you can maintain over a long period of time. If not you will not maintain your weight loss.

There are cardiovascular benefits, improvements in cancer, reduction, and possible extended life span with calorie restriction Fasting can also help heal acne and prevent skin conditions. And it is also being studied for help with auto-immune conditions.

So an age old remedy is on the cutting edge of healing today. Remember we are all much the same, but also very different as well. So different people will have a different approach to accessing the benefits of fasting. You will find the one that is right for you.

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