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Greetings from your friend Fanny on this nutritional update from Home Remedies!

We’re going to talk about the American or the Tropical pineapple:

It’s a friend to your stomach! A well-ripened pineapple contains around 11% of carbon hydrates, most of which are complex sugars. The most abundant vitamins are Vitamin C, B and B6. Pineapples are rich in beneficial acids, very beneficial for the metabolism, it acts to make the system more alkaline. That is to act as an antacid, the same as happens with lemon and other citrus fruits.

For weight control:

The fresh squeezed juice of the pineapple taken before a meal is an appetite reducer. It serves to complement any weight reduction diet. Also pineapple is a gentle diuretic as well.

Stomach Cancer:

It’s been demonstrated that pineapple is a potent inhibitor of the formulation of nitrosamines, known carcinogens. These nitrosamines form in the stomach as a consequence of a chemical reaction between the nitrate and certain proteins contained in food. Reducing the effects of nitrosamines can go a long way to inhibiting stomach cancer.

Uncooked Pineapple makes a wonderful, easily prepared dessert as well as delightful appetizer.

That’s all for today! Good-bye from your friend Fanny…
We hope to see you again in the next Home Remedies nutritional update.

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