Eye Styes are bacterial infections of the eyelid. The good news is that they are rarely problematic mostly go away on their own, but they can be helped along by a variety of home remedies. First, to prevent infection, avoid touching your eyes with your fingers. This is not always possible. I myself rub my sleepy eyes to kind of “scratch the itch” of the dry or tired eyes. So make sure that your fingers are not greasy, oily, have some kind of chemical or make-up on them as this will cause irritation. There can be itching involved but try to refrain from scratching as this will make things worse.
Irritation plus bacteria very often leads to infection. The infection might very well clear up on its own though dry eyes make it harder. Sometimes just flushing with water or eye wash is sufficient to kick start the healing process. Make sure that it is a very dilute solution and that it does not burn or irritate the eyes. Warm compresses may help as well. There are solutions of Noni Tea Leaf, or other anti-microbials and prescribed antibiotic drops that can be used. There is a minor surgical procedure that your doctor can do to drain the stye if it is not responding to treatment.
Basic tips:

  • Allow a stye to drain on its own. Resist the urge to squeeze it.
  • If the stye does not go away within a week after home treatment, see an eye doctor
  • Don’t wear make-up or cantact lenses until the stye heals

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