Eye Care and Injury Prevention for AdolescentsAbout 1 million people suffer from eye injuries every year. 90 percent are preventable if safety eyewear is used. House hold products result in 125,000 eye injury cases every year.

Some tips on eye safety:

Follow good habits like washing the hands regularly, particularly after using household chemicals. Chemical safety goggles should be worn while handling detergents and hazardous solvents. In addition, chemicals should not be used in the presence of children. The nozzle should be placed far from your face while spraying. Proper protective gear such as gloves and goggles should be worn when using pesticides. It is advised to carefully read the instructions before opening the top of the chemical bottle in order to prevent the injury to other people. The accidents in the dark should be prevented by illuminating the house with nightlights. Before using and playing with new toys, children and adolescents should read the instructions thoroughly in advance.

Apart from taking precautions indoors, care should also be taken outdoors due to the fact that about more than forty thousand people experience eye injuries while being outdoors. The eyes should be protected with the aid of UV protective goggles while playing outdoor games. Playing outdoor sports usually cause about 99 percent of the injuries. Youngsters should wear protective eyewear either while taking part in the outdoor recreational activities or while playing sports. Only adults should handle the fireworks.

Today, more kids are straining their eyes from being on the computer too long. The symptoms associated with computer related eye strain include focusing problems, red & watery eyes, aching & tired eyelids, headache and eye muscle spasm. Eye exercises should be performed regularly in such cases. The eyes should be focused on objects that are located far away and the eyes should be rotated from side to side. It is impertinent to provide ample rest to the eyes so take plenty of breaks from the computer screen. The distance of the monitor can be increased in order to avoid eye strain.

Improper use of cosmetics by contact lens wearers can also lead to eye strains. These cosmetics cause some side effects such as allergy, injury, dryness, eye irritation, and lens deposition. Youngsters should be given complete instructions regarding the contact lens associated risk. Hypoallergenic and non-scented cosmetics manufactured by the well-reputed brands should be used by the girls and the sharing of the cosmetics should be avoided. The old mascara should never be refilled and should be disposed of. The applicator brushes should be regularly washed. Eye shadows containing oyster shell or ground tinsel should be avoided as they are frosted, glittery, and iridescent. Application of the eyeliner over the edge of inner eyelid should be avoided. Creams should never be applied close to the eyes and loose powder application should be avoided. The contact lens wearer should place the contact lens after properly washing their hands. Face washing and bathing should not be done while wearing contact lenses.

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