DiverticulitisDiverticulitis can be an extremely aggravating and painful condition that can really impact a persons lifestyle and freedom of mobility. It manifests as protruding bulges from the intestinal wall; usually around the size of a pea. These pouches can fill with waste matter and an infection can start. In severe cases medical intervention is necessary and a doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Much of the time, though, some home remedies can provide relief within days or a week.

Reversing Diverticulitis Naturally

The best thing is of course, to avoid diverticulitis in the first place. Be sure to get enough fiber in the diet, especially soluble fiber, drink enough fluids, and try to avoid constipation. Straining during bowel movements is thought to put pressure on the colon walls, and with age and time lead to the development of diverticuli. The bulges in the intestinal wall that set the stage for an attack of divertiulitis.

If you are susceptible to these conditions, you need to avoid, or at least limit consumption of certain foods. To ameliorate the affects of these potential culprits, one should always chew food carefully. Seeds, nuts, cabbage, even lettuce and raw hard vegetables should be masticated very well, probably in limited portions also, and for certain people simply avoided all together. Corn for example presents a problem. The outer kernel of the plant is made of indigestible fiber. It can easily be trapped in the diverticulae in the intestines.

The raw vegetables that are problematic can still be consumed with some processing. With a blender, or juicer, most fruits and vegetables can be consumed. Even corn, if the outer kernel is strained out after processing. Carrot soup is fine, or carrots can be cooked in vapor as well.

Nuts and seeds can be milled into powder, or can be made into butters. But it is better to only eat them in small quantities at times throughout the day. In moderate to severe attacks, it can be advisable to go on a liquid diet of broth, and soup, blended fruit and vegetables without seeds, pulp, and skin. Mashed potatoes may be easiest of all root vegetables to digest and can be included. Dairy products should be avoided, but yogurt is fine.

In several days more high fiber foods can be added. One of the newer treatments for diverticulitis is broccoli seed powder. Or better, if you can manage to grow it, broccoli sprouts. The seeds can be ground into powder and one tablespoon should be mixed with water or juice.

Chamomile tea is also soothing and slippery elm either as a tea or lozenge.

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