Top 5 Natural Diabetes-Controlling Foods Your Diet Should Have

Natural Diabetes-Controlling FoodsDiabetes is a lifestyle disease and can lead to serious health complications if not managed properly. Although you may be consuming medicine for diabetes, there is no guarantee that it will keep the blood sugar level normal all the time. The reason is their artificialness, which causes absorption issues. On the other hand, there are some Home Remedies for Diabetes consisting of natural foods, which are more capable of keeping the blood sugar low because the body absorbs them more readily. Read on to learn what they are.

• Leaves of Bilberry

Bilberry leaves contain anthocyanidin – a plant pigment, which is rich in proteins responsible for dissemination of glucose in the body and fat metabolism. Consequently, there is less amount of glucose in the blood. The leaves should be crushed and 100 mg should be consumed daily early in the morning.

• Green Tea

It has polyphenol with high hypo-glycemic compound. Meaning, when you drink green tea on daily basis, the release of sugar in the blood stream is controlled and that is how the insulin is able to use up glucose. One of the best home remedies for diabetes, there is a host of green teas available in different flavors. Select one as per your preference and consume every day.

• Cinnamon powder

Grind around 1-gram of cinnamon and sprinkle the powder on a healthy salad. This tree bark with pungent taste would make your insulin sensitive to glucose thereby lowering blood glucose level. Other benefits of this spice include body weight control and promotion of better functioning of the heart.

• Bitter gourd

It is an important player in the diet for diabetics because it is well known for its instant results. It contains plant insulin called polypeptide-P. By consuming bitter gourd in the form of soup or juice, you can actually experience a sharp fall in the blood sugar level. If your level is moderate, you should consume this vegetable in small quantity and monitor the level afterwards. For most diabetics, eating it once or twice a week produces miraculous results.

• Indian blackberry

The fruit does not allow starch to convert to sugar. Hence, despite having a starchy diet, you could have low blood sugar by consuming Indian blackberry. The pulp and seed both can be consumed. You can suck the pulp off right away; for the seed, you need to ground it and then, consume it with water or milk. It is best to consume either the pulp or the seed powder, as having both in the diet for diabetics can lower blood sugar level dramatically.

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