DepressionDepression may be described as a feeling of sadness, misery or down in the dumps. Natural methods work with the body to return the system to its normal happy state. Mal-nutrition and under nutrition are very important factors in making people feel sad, and balancing them out with good nutrition helps end the bad feelings. Mental factors are the other half of the equation of depression. Guilt, negative thinking, a feeling of helplessness and anxiety, at times, can be cured either psychologically, spiritually, with certain mental techniques and behavior changes, or with a combination of all three. It’s well known that people that have little love in their life tend to be lonely and depressed. One method here is to show love and concern for others, and also yourself as well, you’ll find love will eventually enter your life and over come the feeling of depression.

Depression Home Remedies

As far as what can be done physically, there is quite a lot out there. St. Johns Wort is one. In clinical tests its been proven to alleviate depression in certain individuals. It increases serotonin, the feel good chemical in the brain. It can even alleviate the mood swings of the dreaded pre, post and current menstrual cycle. Another is Passion Flower which reduces and adjusts the whole central nervous system, creating a feeling of relaxed awareness. These herbal treatments have been shown to work in clinical trials. Apple with milk and honey is a very effective nerve tonic and helps to energize and recharge the system. For the best possible outcome, make certain to invest in following natural methods to treat depression. Results might take a while to show up. Prescription medication does work much faster. Expect results of natural treatments to take no less than six weeks to be able to restore an optimistic attitude and heal your body and brain. The plus side of these treatments is they are affordable and also have no unwanted side effects. Regular use with time, thinking processes will be restored and a feeling of pleasure in existence will return. Exercise has been proven to be extremely effective against depression in clinical studies. And all the side-effects of exercise are good. Sunshine has been recognized as a mood elevator as well for thousands of years.
Depressed people tend to have sleep-cycle issues; they are tired and sleepy at the wrong time of day, and at night they are wide awake. Valerian root, chamomile tea and even warm milk just before bedtime can help resolve this.

Of course, one of the paradoxes of depression is that the depressed person doesn’t feel like doing any of the very things that would make him or her feel better. This is one reason why, especially for the severely depressed, consulting with preferably a holistic doctor or therapist is advisable. And in some instances hard core anti-depressants or even anti-psychotics are called for.
If you have feelings of depression, don’t drink alcohol or use illegal drugs since this will only make the depression worse. If your doctor has prescribed you medicine, be sure to take it exactly as ordered and ask your doctor about possible side effects. Other tips to help you feel better:

  • Seek activities that you enjoy
  • Talk to someone close to you about your feelings
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive and caring

If you have thoughts of suicide, immediately call a local emergency number like 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. The suicide hot line can be reached from anywhere in the US, 24/7, by calling 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-999-9999.
If you hear voices when no one is there, have frequent crying spells for no reason or you think your current medication is not working, call your physician right away.

Consult a qualified medical professional if you feel the early stages of depression coming on and proceed with caution. And remember, even if it doesn’t seem so, life is a gift. Be grateful.

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