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My name is Fanny, and I was a radio star for many years. I come from a family of thirteen. My parents were of humble means, so whenever one of us got sick we used herbs and home remedies before we would go to the doctor.

Here’s some information about cuachalate: Cuachalate is a tree of Mexican origin, found throughout the southern and central regions of Mexico, especially in the warm and tropical regions. Knowledge of the trees medicinal properties predates the arrival of the Spaniards. It’s been used for centuries for gastric ulcers and skin lesions.

Uses of Cuachalate.

Steeped in water it can be used for all manners of skin abrasions and for wound healing. As a powder it can be used to scab over lesions and wounds. As a tonic two glasses a day will fortify lung function and alleviate asthma. When made into a syrup it’s excellent for cough. Also it can be combined with other medicinal plants to alleviate cough as well.

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