Cuachalalate_AmphipterigiumCuachalalate has been part of folkloric remedy in Mexico and Central America for hundreds of years. The name “Cuachalalate” was Hispanilized from the name “cuauchachalatli”, with origins from Aztec language of Nhuatl. During the Mexican revolution, soldiers used the powder of Cuachalate on their combat wounds.

The bark of Cuachalalate has been known as a use for gastrointestinal ailments such as ulcers. People also speak of its cleansing properties as well as detoxifying effects within the circulatory system. There are many other treatments. A common preparation only needs about three or four pieces of the bark.

The proper preparation is to boil for five minutes, then let cool for another five minutes. It’s best not to boil too long or not long enough. There is an optimun cooking time. Both anecdotal and clinical reports indicate effectiveness against stomach ulcers. If you have a bleeding or a very raw ulcer, expect some discomfort when you first drink it. Remember you can always dilute it with more water. There is a difference between healing pain and warning pain. Knowing the difference, learning how to listen to your body can be an important benefit to your good health. A skill that can last a lifetime.

A personal note:

After suffering somewhat from gastro-enteritis or diverticulitis or some kind of delicate stomach that could not take grape seeds, sunflower seeds, popcorn, or raw, hard foods in any great amount, I was introduced to cuachalalate. After several small bags of it, I was able to eat even a large bag of movie popcorn with no lingering intestinal after effect, whereas before there could have been weeks worth of rumbling and grumbling and other unpleasantness.

Cuachalate is a Mexican Tree Bark and if you live close to Mexican or Mex-American communities you can pick some up dirt cheap. Thats the best way. The more processing the less better. Things can happen that are not good.

More history on cuachalate later.


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Most doctors would never hand you a bag of tree bark. But they will prescribe it in a pill if it comes from Big Pharma..It’s well to have a naturapathic doctor as well as an allopathic doctor. Sometimes the two can be combined in one.

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