Coughing, although sometimes nagging, is the body’s way of getting rid of foreign materials in the lungs and throat. Generally, there are two types of cough. A loose cough often contains mucus, which is known as a productive cough. A tight cough that is dry and unproductive contains no mucus. Both coughs can either be acute, as in short term, or chronic, as in long term. A person can suffer from coughing at any age. It effects both men and women and children. Coughing is defined as inflammation in the larynx and pharynx. It can be caused by allergies to dust, pollen, smoke and other airborne foreign objects. Smoking increases your chances of suffering from coughing. Asthma can also bring on coughing.

If your like many, over the counter, conventional treatments for coughing sometimes leave you tired and groggy. These remedies suppress the cough but do not cure it. Suppressing a cough is a treatment to make one more comfortable but not a cure. Home remedies for cough have been around for centuries that treat and cure a cough.

Home Remedies for Coughing:

Black Pepper Powder – Add black pepper powder and salt to a lemon wedge. Suck on the lemon wedge. This is a very good home remedy to reduce the intensity of coughing.

Grape Juice – Mix honey with grape juice. This is a highly effective treatment for coughing.

Spinach Juice – Gargling with some warm spinach juice will help to decrease the severity of a cough.

Onions – Extract the juice from the onion and mix with honey 2 to 3 times a day. This is an excellent all natural , home remedy cough suppressant that will not leave you feeling groggy and unable to complete your daily activities.

Home Remedy Cures for Coughing:

Grapes – A simple cold or coughing can be CURED from eating grapes for several days. Grapes act as an expectorant and tone the lungs.

Garlic – Eating fresh garlic at night with meals for a few days is one of the most simplistic ways to not only treat a cough but also CURE the cough naturally.

Eucalyptus Leaves – Drop some eucalyptus leaves and mint leaves in a pot. Bring to a boil. After boiling inhale the vapors. This is an excellent home remedy treatment for coughing and will help CURE the cough.

Calling all CHOCOLATE LOVERS – Treat your cough naturally, doing what you love. Grab yourself a block of dark chocolate and start eating ! Chocolate is a feel good on a sore throat especially if you allow it to melt. Don’t be considered with all the sugar, there is enough research out there that has found chocolate to be helpful and packed with rich antioxidants. For those who are skeptical on the research done on dark chocolate, Theobromine, a compound found in chocolate, has been proven to relieve coughing and coughing symptoms naturally.

As with any new regimen you begin, consult your physician and make sure you are healthy enough and that no drug interactions can occur if you are taking other medications. If your symptoms persist or worsen, you see blood in your mucus, seek medial attention immediately. This article on home remedies is not intended to replace conventional medicine or cure diseases. Home remedies have been around for centuries in the treatment of cough and other ailments. The preferred method of treatment is solely up to the individual and this article is not intended to persuade, treat, diagnose or cure.

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