The wintertime is coming and this means that dreaded winter ailments are coming too. The children are the ones most affected by these winter illnesses. Most of the illnesses have common symptoms so it will be hard to know exactly what your child has and such condition makes it harder to find the right treatment for such ailments. To help you prepare for the winter season, here the common winter illness your child might have.

The Colds
Colds are very common illness among children. They can get 6-10 colds a year but often, the colds happen during the winter season. A virus infecting the nose, throat, sinuses and airways can cause such illnesses. If your child has a runny or stuffy nose, sneezes, coughs, has red and watery eyes and a scratchy throat, he or she has colds. Sometimes, body aches, mild fever and chills accompany the colds. This is a viral infection making rest and fluids the best treatments. However, decongestants and antihistamine may ease the symptoms.

The Flu
During winter, children are prone to having flu. Every year, the10%-20% population contracts flu. Children have a 3:1 ratio of having the flu. A virus that infects the lungs and the airways causes this condition. Your child can be infected if he or she comes with direct contact to someone who is infected. The virus can transfer through droplet contact from sneezing and coughing of an infected person. Symptoms include muscle aches, fatigue, chills, high temperature and nausea. Your child will need to drink plenty of fluids and take lots of rest. Taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen can reduce the aches and fever.

The Bronchitis
More than 25% of the population affected by acute bronchitis is children. It is common among kids below 5 years of age. Bacteria, allergies and viruses can cause the airway to be inflamed. Symptoms include severe cough that last weeks and breathing difficulty. Some kids will have a slight fever. Again, rest and fluids are the best treatments for winter ailments but taking antibiotics can help if there is bacterial infection.

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