Editor: This is an update from the original article published April 14, 2011

Home Remedies for Radiation Exposure Update June 1, 2016

The single most important home remedy for radiation exposure is to avoid radiation exposure in the first place!
If you are not exposed to the problem, then of course, there is no problem. The Fukushima Reactor meltdown is still going on
so all the advice about avoiding foods and supplements from Japan still holds true. However, a large percentage of radiation exposure
to the public come from medical devices and tests! Some of these can be avoided, and some can be limited (although this can be very difficult to do as doctors love their tests, and somehow your radiation exposure is not that important to them). The medical exposure counts for about half of our total radiation exposure. The other sources of damaging radiation come from the sun (it is advisable to manage sun exposure and get the optimal amount needed for good health). As far as radiation from space, little can be done about this. Some cosmic rays for instance will penetrate the earth entire just like it was so much creamy butter. Radon gas can be avoided to a certain degree as it comes from the earth. If you have a basement get it checked by a professional with a radiation counter.

Anti-oxidants are the other truly effective method to counter radiation exposure. One very effective anti-oxidant comes from flax seeds. Flax seeds also have other very positive effects, and are the best plant based source of omega 3 oils. There are many other anti-oxidants and they are extremely important in protecting against radiation damage. Find the ones that you like the best, and also eat the foods that contain them, and you will be doing a lot to protect yourself…After and just before foreseeable radiation exposure, such as a CT Scan, or other type of scan, take powerful anti-oxidants such as grape seed extract, or Astaxanthin
one of the most powerful of anti-oxidants.

Oh, and don’t live close to a nuclear power plant. Many of them are leaking.

June 1, 2017

The latest worry from radiation could be with us in an acute form for some time and for a long time in a chronic condition. I’m speaking here of the nuclear reactor at Fukushima. The amount of radiation and types that are coming this way are unknown, and if you want to trust the government to keep you well informed, well that is your choice, not mine.

The following is not medical advice, its only common sense. Which is in shorter supply these days than potassium iodide pills.

Like I mentioned before if you wait for the authorities to tell you what to do, you might just run out of luck. This is the hard truth, but these are hard times. Politics and money are way more important to the government than saving my miserable life. Please take responsibility for yourself and your family.Some people are very sensitive, even allergic to iodine. Now is the time to find out how your sensitivity ranks.

There are perfectly natural forms of iodine that are low dose but very effective for being in their natural organic form in seaweed or fish. Alquiler de Departamentos Temporarios en Buenos Aires . Dulse is a good seaweed choice as it comes from the Northern Atlantic. Nori may come from Japan. Not so good for now.

Also a point well worth noting: A doctor can order a lab test for iodine levels. Thats the only way to know for sure. For those that can do this, its a wise move.

There are a variety of herbs and supplements that can give limited protection against radiation. A healthy person is much stronger can de-tox faster and better. So stay healthy. Also most Americans are filled with toxins, so a regular detox program will help. Various algae and super-foods are good here.Also Vitamin D, anti-oxidants, Zinc and Selenium are essential to good healthAlso avoid food or sushi from Japan and the Far East! One should always avoid food stuffs from China as they have a much polluted environment.For those that choose life, I suggest a pro-active approach.After all, its only common sense.