Treatment And Recovery From Colitis

Colitis is an inflammation in the colon’s inner lining. It is often associated with pain, diarrhea and blood in the stool. How does colitis happen? The inflammation inside the colon can be due to an infection or loss of blood supply in the colon. An inflammatory bowel disease or an invasion of the colon wall can also cause this condition.

How Can You Treat Colitis?
In treating colitis, the cause of the inflammation is vital. The treatment will depend on the exact cause. Nevertheless, initial treatment for colitis will include rehydration and medicine that can control the pain. Rehydration can be done orally by drinking fluids. However, if the patient is too dehydrated already and the number of electrolytes has gone down dramatically, the best way to rehydrate is through intravenous method.

Recovering From Colitis
The recovery of a patient will depend on how severe the inflammation is and what caused it to begin with. People with colitis from infectious diarrhea are the ones who recover the fastest. With proper supportive care, oral rehydration and taking antibiotics will do the trick. People with colitis due to inflammatory bowel disease will require longer treatments. It might even take their whole life to control the symptoms. The treatment’s goal is to live a normal life and keeping symptoms at minimum.
People with ischemic colitis will need treatment to reduce the progressive narrowing of the arteries. Avoiding risk factors similar to that of a heart disease is needed. Included in the treatment are controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. People with ischemic colitis should stop smoking. Those with severe ischemic colitis that resulted to a dead colon will need surgery to remove it.

 You will need the help of a colon doctor to get the proper diagnosis and treatment for your colitis. If you feel the symptoms, get checked immediately before your condition worsens.

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