Some Ways To Prevent Skin Chafing When You Exercise

If you are someone who loves to exercise, go walking or jogging, you are no stranger to skin chafing. This is a painful and annoying feeling that happens when the skin constantly rubs on the clothing you wear. Skin chafing can occur anywhere in the body that comes in contact with the clothing like your thighs, nipples, underarms and groin.

chafed skinPreventing Skin Chafing When the skin rubs on fiber, the skin becomes painful not to mention the sweat dripping on your irritated skin. The feeling causes discomfort during your exercise routine. You do not have to withstand the pain and discomfort every time, there are ways to prevent skin chafing. The point is to reduce the friction between the skin and the clothing.

One simple way is to keep the body dry. When the skin is moist or wet, friction is likely to occur. Before dressing up, apply alum and talcum powder on your most sweaty body parts. The powder will help in keeping moisture away and help you stay drier. Another simple way to prevent skin chafing is to apply lubrication on your body’s hot spots. You can use petroleum jelly and other types of lubricants and see what will work best for you.

To prevent skin chaffing, you have to wear the right clothing. Choose proper-fitting clothes, dry-fit and those made with synthetic fibers. It is best to avoid cotton clothing when exercising. If you can wear compression shorts like what cyclists use, this can reduce chaffing in the thighs. Also, pick seamless underwear if possible. This can reduce the friction and rubbing.

Treat It Fast Just because the wound is not skin deep does not mean you will ignore it. Skin chafing should be treated immediately. After working out, clean the affected area with water and dry. Apply petroleum jelly if there is no open would. If there is, you should apply a medicated ointment recommended by a doctor. Moreover, skin chafing is best treated when you let your skin rest before you exercise again.

Home Remedies for Chafed Skin

Wear breathable clothing like cotton to help stay dry and prevent too much rubbing between the material and your body.

Drink plenty of water and bathe a lot with antibacterial soap and after drying off completely use talcum powder or even corn starch to help stay dry.

Use diaper rash ointment to prevent wetness and infection.

Take a bath with colloidal oatmeal, an old home remedy for chafed skin.

Always dry yourself thoroughly since chafed skin thrives on moisture. Apply unscented under arm deodorant to the area that usually becomes chafed.

Vitamins: Add extra foods or supplements to your diet that contain magnesium, Vitamin A, zinc and Vitamin C.

Treat the chafe as a wound and wash with antibacterial soap and apply antibacterial ointment and cover with germ-free bandaging like a band-aid or gauze.

Cod liver oil can promote healing of chafing.

Make tea using thyme, garlic, calendula, lavender, chamomile, bay, myrtle, or sage and use it as a cold wash. This will help speedy healing of chafed skin. Sourfig or bulbinella applied directly to the chafed area will help healing.

Apply tea tree oil to the chafed area. This encourages healing and helps keep the area dry.


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