Cell PhoneOriginally published June 11, 2011

Editor note: Cell phone usage has only gone up since the original cell phone usage article. People are probably not going to quit using their mobile phones, but there are still ways to limit the damage. Use headphones, limit cell phone usage, when you can use a land line instead of a cell phone, please do so. Remember, your life may depend on instituting these limitations.

In a study conducted by the National Institute of of Drug Abuse, it has been determined that cell phones influence brain activity to a significant extent. In brain scans, while the study was conducted, the scans clearly showed that cell phone activity increased glucose metabolism. This study also confirmed several previous study findings that cellphone disturb the activity of the brain.Cell phones and other mobile/hand held devices like the cordless phone, carry what is known as microwave radiation .

This radiation has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that cell phone hazards include an increased risk of brain tumors. In addition to tumors, cellphone studies are providing increased evidence that cellphones also cause disturbed brain function, damage to genes and other disturbances, all harmful to your health.It has been proven that cellphones omit strong radiation and is what is considered above safety norms. Scientific evidence has also proven that less radiation which is transmitted through cellphones also have harmful effects.How To Protect Yourself From Radiation Exposure Associated with Cellphones :Restrict cellphone calls as much as possible. Limit your usage and the duration of the call. Use a land-line as an alternative as much as possible.Anyone under the age of 20 is at an increase risk for cellphone health risks.

Anyone under the age of 20 should use only cell phones allowing text messaging, aka: SMS messages only. The risk of health ailments including tumors are far greater in this age group but that does not exclude other age groups from being at risk.Further build up of cellphone net has to be stopped ! It has been repeatedly proven and confirmed that radiation from base stations is harmful to your health. Evidence is also increasing that this radiation is too harmful to be accepted for common use, ie : replacing home land line phone, office phones and constant, consistant usage.Based on the evidence and what we already know, we must take into account that any radiation level with continued use has harmful effects and can create certain hazards to our health. Increased radiation and/or high levels of radiation outside of the norm brings us to a significantly higher category of hazards and increased health risks. There is no such thing as a healthy and/or safe call duration when radiation is being transmitted.

One should use good judgment and reserve the cell phone for emergency situations, not means of daily, ongoing verbal communication.