A group of scientists affiliated with WHO, the World Health Organization, have published a paper on the effects of cell phone usage. They placed cell phones in the same category as coffee, leaded gasoline and other toxic and potentially toxic substances that have a possibility of increasing cancer ratesThere has been a debate about this for many years and perhaps there will be more debate to come. There are different types of radiation and while the cell phone radiation is not the worst, it is different than other types in that no other radiation source is held so close to sensitive tissue for such long periods of time. The effects of radiation diminish drastically with distance. The exact figures are available if you need them, but for purposes of minimizing the bad effects, even a half inch of distance will diminish levels enormously, and two feet or 3 feet away were entering the negligible effect zone.Now, there is another consideration about cell phones other than in the problems involved in using them. That is you have to carry them as well. When a cell phone is turned on every 15 minutes or more, it is being pinged by the nearest cell phone tower. And men carry their cell phones in one of three places usually; the shirt pocket, front pants pocket, or on their belt. Were talking here, depending on the location, about cancer of the heart, testicular cancer, or bone and hip cancer. Women have it somewhat better: They have carrying bags and purses that somewhat distance the radiation from them. But other solutions suggest themselves here.How about a lead carrying case for cell phones? Or would that open up more problems, potentially more serious? Why cant the cell phone industry only ping a client when he or she is receiving a call? Why are these issues not being addressed? One thing we know is that the wireless communications industry is one of the largest in the word, with enormous financial and political resources. As such they have great influence on the media. Independent sources can be researched on the Internet.Fornow you can use aheadset for all cell phone calls and limit usage. There are air tube headsets, but so far Ive had problems with the quality of their sound. Its still being debated how much regular wired headsets decrease radiation. tegel outlet . Also there is a new technology called EMR Defenderthat uses an exclusive Infusion Technology (energetic interference)that aids in counteracting the effects of radiation. This is very new, and for right now, something to keep our eyes on.So lets be careful out there, and for sure, if you limit some of your useless conversations on the cell phone you will be better off; and not just radiation-wise!