Canary Bird SeedCanary Seed Or Alpiste: Not Just A Birdseed But Superfood For Humans

Natural, whole foods are now being promoted as a great solution for achieving the best health. Eating whole foods are much better compared to eating processed food because nutrients are usually retained in whole foods. In addition, being unprocessed means it has no chemicals and other synthetic, unhealthy elements added to it. From fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, plant seeds are now also being widely promoted and one of the popular seeds being consumed by humans nowadays is the canary seed or alpiste.

Canary Seed Benefits

Canary seeds are more popularly known as bird food. They are also known as canary grass or alpiste. They are grown commercially in various countries as birdseed. However, due to the discoveries of its wonderful benefits to the human health, a lot of people are now starting to consume it as part of their basic diet. One of the well-known canary seed benefits is its high fiber content. A lot of people are now suffering from lack of fiber due to diets that lack fiber and mostly composed of processed food products. Consuming canary seeds is believed to provide the body the right amount of fiber it needs.

Aside from high fiber content, canary seeds are also found to be very rich in antioxidants and proteins. Canary seeds also have antibacterial properties and compared to other protein-rich foods, these types of seeds have stable amino acids so the body can easily assimilate without leaving toxic residues.

One of the popular canary seed food products is the canary seed milk. According to manufacturers and consumers, canary seed milk can be used for the treatment of pancreatic illnesses and liver psoriasis. It is also believed to be great for providing relief from swollen organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Is It Absolutely Safe For Human Consumption?

Although a lot of people are already including canary seeds in their diets and some experts recommending it, there are still certain negative aspects about the consumption of canary seeds. According to some researches, canary seeds can be dangerous to human health due to its microscopic hairs, which are composed of 98% silica. These silica fibers are found to be harmful since it can damage the soft tissues and can lead to esophageal cancer.

To counter this issue, a lot of companies are now developing and culturing better canary seeds without the silica fiber making it appropriate and safe for human consumptions. Canary seed for humans will definitely be a great food to include in the human diet once the possible side effects are eliminated.

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